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This week’s tease is from one of my older titles, a short story that I absolutely loved writing. Grey & Maddy are neighbors who have never “crossed the fence” into anything beyond friendship.

Here, Grey’s fallen from a ladder and Maddy is the perfect nurse. *g*


© Kacey Hammell, 2016


“Over here. Dammit. I’m a klutz.”

She found him lying on his back, holding his side with the ladder beside him and a broken light bulb further away on his other side. It didn’t take a genius to figure out he’d been changing the bulb and fell on his ass.

Maddy kneeled in front of him. “Where’s does it hurt the most?”Cover_Mustang-Maddy

He shifted, wincing, and waved her away. “I’ll be fine. Probably just a bruise.” He yanked a piece of cardboard off the second shelf of the bench and tossed it over the broken glass.

She grabbed his arm to stop his movements. If he was injured worse than he thought, he could do more harm than good. “Sit still and tell me. Better safe than sorry.”

His hazel eyes met hers. Damn if her insides didn’t quiver. The golden embers were surrounded by a wide black circle. Sometimes, when he looked at her, she thought of the Yellow Eyed Demon in Supernatural. She was addicted to that TV show and had always been fascinated with the yellow contacts the bad guy wore.

Not the time. Ridiculous time to think about that.

She shifted closer and pushed all other thoughts from her mind except helping a friend. A mighty sexy friend, but she was a professional. His tanned skin and muscular physique wouldn’t sway her. His lean body made her mouth water. He was her patient and could be seriously hurt. She should be ashamed of herself for ogling him when he was down.

“Just landed on my elbow. And the damn ladder scraped my rib. Really, Mads, I’ll be fine.” He pushed away from her and shifted into a better sitting position against the workbench behind him.

“Right. And the bleeding is just for fun? I need to investigate to see if you need stitches, and want to be sure nothing is broken. Take the shirt off, Grey.”

Nice job, get him naked.


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