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Cover Me

Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, May/December
W.C. 34,000
Heat Level: 3
ISBN # 978-1-77339-106-9
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Wanting her son’s best friend shouldn’t feel so right …

Jay Savage is one of the most sought after models in the business who seems to have it all. He’s the face of romance novel covers from coast to coast, and has expanded his brand to an executive role. Despite the endless possibilities in his life, Jay doesn’t have the one woman he wants most. She is everything he needs, and everything he can’t have. Their age difference isn’t the only obstacle standing in the way of convincing her they were made for one another. Leanne is also his best friend’s mom.

On Nita Lake to celebrate the marriage of her son, Leanne Hogan is faced with the most delicious temptation she’s ever encountered. Their smoldering heat burns down her defenses, and Leanne finds herself giving in to the only man who tempts her banked desires. They shouldn’t work. Can’t work. So why does it feel so right when she’s in his arms?
Be Warned: spanking, public exhibition

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Exclusive Excerpt:

Jay waited for her outside a solid oak door. He looked delicious wrapped up in his own gray fluffy robe with shower sandals on his feet. His small smile had her returning it with one of her own.

“Ready?” he questioned, hand on the door.

“Yes. Thank you for all of this.”

Jay opened the door, and she stepped in. Steam rose from the electric sauna stove full of rocks in the corner of the room. It continued to pour over them, heating the room further.

“You’ve thanked me. Shelley said we have a max of thirty minutes before we’re shut down. More than that can get too uncomfortable, so let’s enjoy it while we can.” He took a seat on one of the long, wooden benches, laid his arms across the back, and breathed in deep. “Sometimes I forget what quiet time is. Life can be fast-paced for me.”

Leanne sat beside him, leaving four feet separating them, but close enough to for discussions. The constant ventilation systems were too loud to carry on a conversation if she sat too far away. “Haven’t taken a lot of vacations?” A light sheen of sweat broke out across her skin. Her skin itched and tingled with luxurious vibrations, causing her limbs to go languid and weighty. Her body relaxing and tension rolling off her, she slumped.

“Not many, no. Plus with how much traveling I do, I count a few of those trips as vacations once in a while.”

“Travel to different locations must be amazing,” She shoved the neckline of her robe back, exposing her shoulders, hoping to cool her heated body. The steam and heat filled her lungs and sweat rolled over her, but she’d never felt better. “Where to next?” she murmured, comfortable and warm. Her eyes drifted shut, but she fought off the dreaminess in her head and tried to pay attention.

Jay shifted, pulling his arms from the sleeves. Leanne laid her head back on the wall behind her, drifting.

“Probably no traveling for a while. The photographer I’ve been working with has opened his own location not too far from my studio apartment. We work exclusively with one another now, so it made sense to make things easier for both of us.”

“What a great idea. You’re doing book covers only now?” Leanne angled her head to look over at him and gulped. He’d shoved his robe to his waist, leaving him bare chested. Holy hell was he fine. A chiseled god among mere mortal men. Muscles expanded from every angle and bulge in the right places. Her mouth watered. What she wouldn’t give to burrow against his tight chest and be surrounded by his protection and hardness. She had to wonder how much time he spent in the gym.

He brushed perspiration from his forehead. “Ninety percent of the time now, yeah, I’ll mainly do covers. I never realized how big an industry modeling for novels had. I’m blessed to be on many of them. And will continue doing them as the clientele grows. But I won’t travel internationally.”

And Leanne knew most of them. Her heart skipped a beat thinking of the paperback books on the book stand in her bedroom. Five full shelves of books with him on them. Many were authors she hadn’t read but had started a collection of those he’d modeled for. It had started with four or five on her shelf, but the more she found at the bookstore, the more a palpable need filled her to have them. And she couldn’t resist taking any of them home. If he ever found out … well, she’d try to explain she wasn’t an obsessed stalker.

“Do you miss doing the other shoots? Magazines or the commercials you were doing?” Mouth dry from the heat and Jay’s physique, she reached over to the cooler at the side and grabbed a water bottle, and passed one to him.

“No, not much.” He accepted her offering, twisted the cap off, then knocked back a greedy amount. “I’ll be glad to be home more. See old friends often, get involved with community stuff.”

Leanne swallowed a mouthful of water, then smiled at him. “Perhaps you’ll find Mrs. Right and live happily ever after. And get out of that bachelor studio apartment.” She grinned.

Jay’s gaze cut to her, staring her down. A jolt of excitement slithered along her spine. His eyes nearly black, a deep abyss stared at her. Her heart raced. He never gazed at her with such intensity.

“What makes you think I haven’t found her yet?” he questioned, his tone grave and almost harsh.

“Oh, well … uh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had. Why didn’t you bring her to the wedding? Does Beau know her?” Leanne didn’t know what was worse: the thought of him with a woman, or the power in his eyes as he stared at her. “I’m happy for you.” It was a little fib. She frowned, not sure she liked the thoughts running through her head. This was Jay, for heaven’s sake. Her attraction to him wasn’t smart, nor did she have any say in who he dated.

Suddenly, Jay latched onto the front lapels of her robe and dragged her across the mere space separating them. Shocked, her eyes widened even further when he hauled her in against his thigh, holding her tight against his chest with a strong hand at her back. “There’s only one woman for me,” he murmured, and lowered his head.

He wasn’t going to…

He did.



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