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Happy Monday! 

Let’s conquer the heck out of today, and all week long!!

mm2Claim your spot and own it!!

It’s been a busy week! I’m still writing my 2 WIPs. Moreso one more than the other but made some OK progress on it. I always seem to slow down a bit in the middle of a story, pausing to reflect if things are flowing/moving/weaving thoroughly, and if there’s consistent progression for the characters. I hope to nail down a lot more words this week!

I went with some friends last Wednesday to see 50 Shades Darker. It was an OK movie. Better than the first, though for me, I feel they “tamed” Christian a bit too much. There was a lack of that tension between the 2 characters that was heavy in the 1st. I don’t know if it’s the actors are now used to one another or the growth they wanted for Ana dominated everything else. But, for me, an OK movie. Wasn’t wow’d by it. And I think when it comes out on disc, the same friends and I may just get together again to watch it, and make a drinking game. We’ll toss one back for every time Ana’s breasts pop up. I’ll be out cold about 1/3 into the movie. Trust me! LOL

If you’ve been following my blog/social media, you’ll know that the 2nd book in my Canadian Muscle series released last Tuesday. I’m so glad it is out and readers can enjoy it.

Here is a quick link to bookstores where Guarding His Anchor is live >>

And also, Guarding Midnight, book 1 of the series is on sale for a limited time, at 99 cents. You can find that at >>  



Last week was absolutely gorgeous for weather. Sunshine pretty much all week and we could get away with wearing lighter sweaters. Was amazing. I was sitting out on the back deck, feet up on a lawn chair, in the middle of February. In Canada! Never happens. I hope the same for this week.

What’s on my playlist …
I was a boy band kind of teen growing up. And New Kids On the Block will always be my fave, but Backstreet Boys is a close second. They’ve recently teamed up with Florida Georgia Line, and here’s their song. I’m obsessed.

I also spent some time with MY boys this weekend! Yes, my boys — Dean and Sam / Jensen and Jared, watching their Las Vegas 2017 Supernatural Panel. OMG Funny!!! Over an hour, but well worth it. I laughed so hard.



Have a super week ahead, and I’ll see you next Monday!

Happy reading! xoxo