#MidWeekTease ~ “..she’d shoot first then ask questions.” #MWTease #TiedDown


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This week’s tease comes from TIED DOWN, the short bonus story at the end of ILLUSIONS (single title & 4 ebook collection of In the Arms of the Law Series).

Here, Brady is getting ready to pop the question to his woman, and braces himself for her reaction…

He pulled out the fourteen carat, white gold, diamond engagement ring he had designed. She would be the last woman he’d ever ask to marry him. Without her, no sunshine would exist in his life.


Putting the ring back in the box, he snapped it closed. Gathering the toys he’d need for the next few hours, he exited the kitchen.

Crucial to his plan…getting the jump on her while she slept. Her guard would be down, and shocking his tough-as-nails cop didn’t happen every day. The element of surprise would be on his side.

If all went well—if she said yes—it would be one helluva story to look back on. He came to a stop in the doorway of his bedroom.

There slept the love of his life, her wavy red tresses spread out across his pillow, the sheets tangled around her sleek and gorgeous legs. Christ, even sleeping, she stole his breath.

As he moved into the bedroom and to the foot of the bed, he made a mental note to take her Glock from the bedside table.

He wanted to live to tell their grandchildren about how he proposed marriage.

Knowing her as he did…she’d shoot first then ask questions.



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  1. Haha, a necessary precaution for certain. Hopefully she doesn’t have anything else handy as a weapon!

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