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MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

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This week’s tease comes from STIRRING UP DIRTY, book 1 of “Stirred by Love” seriesand connected to DARE.

I’ve been blessed with great friends in my life, sharing the joys, the ups and downs, and I have a few friends going through some huge uncertainties and changes right now. So I thought I’d share a bit from this story, the bond of friendship.

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
Her cell phone rang on the table beside her.
For the first time in days, joy filled her and she grinned happily, knowing who was on the other end.
Pulling the accept button across the screen, she lifted the phone to her ear. “Hey, lovely momma. How are you?”StirringUpDirty-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-3Drender
“I’m a tired, two-hundred-pound whale who needs to pee every twenty minutes. Am lying in bed right now, wishing my best friend was here with some ice cream and interesting conversation.”
Candy moved over to the sofa and piled pillows on the one end, then laid back.
There was nothing she wouldn’t do for her best friend, Olivia Shalvis. It sounded like she needed to talk and she might as well get comfortable.
“You’re the one who decided to get pregnant again, ya know. The docs told you after the second one that having another one would be risky and you’d be in bed a lot during the last trimester.” Candy closed her eyes, thinking about Olivia in a lot of pain. Her first pregnancy with Molly had been a breeze. But the second with Sheri, the weight gain and inability for Olivia to push during delivery, had made things a lot more difficult. Having a third was a risk. Knowing the love Olivia and Dare had to give to children, and the desperation to finally have a boy, Candy prayed they’d made the right decision. She couldn’t fault them for their dreams.
“I know, but I have great news, Candy.” Olivia sniffled. “I had another ultrasound yesterday. We didn’t want to know the sex, but guess what? We’re getting our boy. It’s a boy, Candy. A baby boy.”
Candy gasped and tears of happiness fell down her cheeks. Such wonderful news. Prayers had helped. “Oh, honey, I’m so happy for you.” She kicked her feet happily against the cushion. “I wish I was there with you. How’s Dare? I imagine he’s grinning somewhere at the moment?”
In the beginning of Olivia’s relationship with Dare, Candy hadn’t been all that impressed with him. Olivia had been wrongfully accused of something out of her control, and Dare hadn’t stood by her best friend. He’d automatically believed their employer had just cause to kick her to the curb without looking into the matter. Candy thought he was the wrong man for her best friend, but now, eight years later, she was glad they were happy and tighter than ever. She’d even become friends with Dare. There were moments she liked to give him a hard time still, and remind him of when he’d been an ass, but he made Olivia happy. There was no fighting the love and happiness the two shared.
“He’s with his brother, celebrating. He is over the moon.”
“I can’t wait until the little one’s born. Everything is okay?”
“Yes. The doctor advises I stay in bed as much as possible. The girls and Dare made sure I’m following her orders. But I’m already tired of it.”
Candy hit the speaker button and laid the phone on her stomach. “I bet. But it’s best for my nephew, so you’ll do it.”
Olivia’s laughter filled her heart with joy. She missed her friend and hoped she’d get to see her soon. “Do you think you’ll make the trip home before my due date? His godmother should be here, you know.”
Candy’s heart jumped. That Olivia and Dare had named her godmother to all of their children filled her with warmth. There were very few times when she ever considered having children, and knowing she could care for her best friend’s babies and watch them grow up was all she needed.
She mentally went over her schedule. Her stay in St. Albert was the unknown. She did have to get back to Boston in two weeks for an important interview with the local news station, but helping Melissa was in the back of her mind.
“Once I’m done here, I have the news interview, so I might be home for your delivery. You still have four weeks, right?”
“Yep. I have a feeling this baby boy plans to percolate as long as he wants.”
Candy chuckled. “Well I have a feeling he’s going to be as stubborn as his father.”
Olivia laughed. “I agree. But enough about us. What are you up to? How are things going?”
Candy sighed.
“Well that doesn’t sound good. Does Melissa no longer want to sign with you?”
“She’s more eager than ever. I’ve just run into a roadblock with her family. Her oldest brother, actually. Talk about stubborn.”
“Doesn’t he want his sister to be happy?”
“Of course he does. He just thinks her happiness is his decision and what’s best for her is to stick to law school, then settle in the other brother’s law practice here in town.”
“Ah, I see. Well, I guess he’s being protective.”
Candy scoffed. “Controlling. A pain in the ass. Egotistical. And did I mention controlling?”
There was a long pause. “You don’t like him much, do you?”
Memories of his hands on her ass, and his back pressed against her, came rushing back. Candy ground her teeth together, angry with herself all over again. Like had nothing to do with how she felt about Eric. She’d never fall prey to him ever again.
“He’s an obstacle I hadn’t realized would be so difficult. He’s a tough nut to crack.”
“Very much so, the bastard.”
“Ah-ha!” Olivia’s shout filled the sitting area and startled Candy.
“Jesus. What’s with the shouting?”
“You’re not all pissed off at him because he’s a roadblock. You’re attracted to him, honey, and you hate that.”
Olivia knew her so well. “Do you need anything for the baby before he’s born?”
“Don’t change the subject now, and no, we don’t need anything. I know you, Candy. You’re having a hard time with this guy because of attraction. Is he gay?” Her eyes widened. “No, he’s not gay.”
“Are you sure? Have you gotten to know him so well? Jesus, have you slept with him already?”
Sitting up, she set her phone on the seat beside her and crossed her legs. Damn it for Olivia’s insight and rambling questions. She didn’t want to think about Eric right now. But her friend was nothing if not relentless.
“Your silence speaks volumes. Obviously the two of you have gotten close.”
“Not in the way you think. It was a momentary lapse in judgment.” Candy waved a hand dismissing her friend’s notions.
“How hot is he?”
“On a scale of one to ten, a fifteen.”
“Holy shit! He’s not falling at your feet, is he? And you can’t stand it, can you?” Olivia laughed.

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Stirring Up Dirty is served!! #Contemp #ERom #Erotic #NewRelease

StirringUpDirty-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-3DrenderSTIRRING UP DIRTY

Stirred by Love: Book 1

By Kacey Hammell

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-77233-425-8

115 pages

Available with Evernight Publishing

Connected to DARE


Shaken and Stirred with a splash of dirty.

Candy Wilson arrives in St. Albert with one mission—to sign the next young, hot model to her modeling agency. She has no time for distractions and isn’t prepared for bartender Eric McKenna—the brother of her young client-to-be, Melissa. Eric challenges her on all counts, irritates her daily, and heats her body to boiling temperatures with just one touch. He’s hard to ignore and impossible to resist.

Eric McKenna will be damned if his baby sister signs any contracts with Candy Wilson. No way in hell will he allow anyone to whisk Melissa off to a foreign country and lead her on a path that’s not right for her. And yet Candy pushes him further than he’s ever been before and drives him crazy. Eric can’t control his need for her or the desire to engage with her … on so many levels.

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2015

Laying her on the bed, he grinned and shoved his pants down, then stepped out of them. She latched her gaze onto his hardness, which stood straight out, proud and happy. He lowered a hand to his shaft, pumping it as he walked to the side table and pulled out a foil packet.
Holding it up in one hand and rubbing his dick with the other, he strode back to her. “This is why we came in here.”
Realization dawned and she giggled. “Glad one of us was thinking.”
Dropping the packet on the bed, he touched her shoulders and laid his body over hers. He tugged her skirt up to her waist. “Let’s not think anymore.” He kissed her, slow and lazy, addicted to her sweet taste.
Candy’s fingers inched the back of his shirt up, then pulled it over his head completely. Her palms slid up over his chest, skimming over his nipples. Tingles skated down his spine, the pleasure shooting down to his cock, hardening it even more.
He laid his forehead against Candy’s, his eyes boring into hers. “I want to fuck you so bad. Get in that hot pussy and never come out.”
“Do it,” she said, breathless, her chest heaving.
Eric shook his head. “Not this time. I want to take you nice and slow.” He pressed his dick against her heat. His body trembled, his cock more than eager and ready to claim her. Grabbing the foil packet, he ripped it open and covered himself with protection. “Slow and lazy. One inch at a time. I want to stay in this hot body for a long time.” He drew his hand over her chest, over each breast and back to her cheek. “I don’t want to rush.”
Sitting back on his legs between hers, he slipped her panties down her legs and tossed them over his shoulder. Drawing down the straps of her dress, he peeled it away from her upper body, exposing her gorgeous breasts.
“Eric,” she pleaded, her arms outstretched.
He skimmed his hands along her thighs, closer and closer to her beckoning heat, wanting to take his time while need built in his chest, nearly cutting off his breath.
“Christ, you’re stunning. Truly, how’d I get so lucky?”
His touch never left her, and he absorbed every gush of air that rushed from her as he feathered along over every inch of her. Her nipples pebbled as his fingers moved over her chest, down her navel to her inner thighs.
Lowering his body over hers, unable to resist the urge to feel her skin against his, he sifted his fingers into her hair and kissed her forehead, then each cheek. Closing his eyes, he savored the feel of her against him, the quiet of the day and the two of them here together. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt such peace and relaxation.
He wanted to laugh. This woman irritated him. She wanted to whisk his sister away, and still he was helpless to deny the hunger and need he had for Candy. It made him uneasy in many ways. The way she’d wormed her way into his thoughts with her charms, the way she titillated his mind with the challenges she tossed at him all the time.
No one had ever affected him like this.
Shifting, he positioned his cock near her entrance and rolled his hips. Holding his shaft, he slid it up and down and over her clit, spreading her juices.
“Oh God,” she moaned, leaning her head back, the veins in her neck showing. “Eric,” she sighed, her body shaking. She lifted her ass off the bed, jerking against him, trying to drag him into her cunt.
“Jesus, woman, you’ll be the death of me.” His body shuddered as he pushed the tip of his shaft inside her.
Candy gasped, holding her body still while her legs shook. Plunging deep, his cock sank into her wetness.
She moaned.
“Heaven,” he whispered, and started to move.
Up on his elbows, he thrust hard, over and over. His gaze locked with hers, he put everything he had into making love to her. She lifted her legs, surrounding his hips with them and lifted her arms to grip the pillow with her hands.
Uninhibited, free and passionate, she gave herself over to him, allowed him to lead them to bliss. He sank in and out, his breath rushing from him, his chest getting heavy, needing to control his breaths. She destroyed him. Body, mind and soul. He was her prisoner—in lust and need.
Dragging her fingers over his back, her nails bit into the skin. He hissed through his teeth, loving the pleasure and pain. So fucking awesome. She was all he needed.

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Mid Week Tease: “You were a shit.” #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

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This week’s tease comes from STIRRING UP DIRTY, book 1 of “Stirred by Love” seriesand connected to DARE — contracted and releases this Friday, July 24th with Evernight Publishing.

Here’s another snippet from it…to whet your appetites for the book release *g*

© Kacey Hammell, 2015

“What are you doing here, Eric?” Arms folded under her lovely breasts, she stood, chin raised as she blocked the door. Her eyes burned with irritation.

He deserved her scorn after the way they’d left things last night. “I just wanted to apologize for last night. I acted like an ass.”

“Tell me something I don’t already know.”

Swallowing hard, he clenched his fists. “Look, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have let things get so out of hand. But once I got started, and you were so hot in my—” He glanced around him. “Can we take this inside?”

Candy glared at him for a few seconds, then sighed and took a step back. He entered and she closed the door firmly behind him.stirringupdirty1l

“You have ten minutes. I have things to do. Have a seat.”

He sat in the chair by the small desk in the sitting area. “As I was saying, I am sorry.”

“Yes.” She sat at the end of the sofa across from him. “You said that. There’s nothing to apologize for. We were both there.” The ire in her eyes pinned him in place. “But that doesn’t excuse your callous words. You were a shit.”

The woman didn’t mince words. He liked that about her.

“I know. I shouldn’t have said those things. But you have to give me a bit of leniency. What am I to think? I know you want to take Melissa all over the world and I have a feeling you’ll do anything to make that happen.”

Candy threw up her arms, obviously frustrated. He was sure he heard an animalistic sound come from her as she stood and began pacing.

“Of course I would. I believe in everything your sister is, and all that she can accomplish. You should, too. But I would never use myself in such a fashion to do it. I am a professional and have too much integrity to do that. And you know dick about me if you really think I’d use you like that, or embarrass myself. Hell, it would be offending Melissa, too. God, your ego is out of control.” Her cheeks were flushed, he’d guess in frustration. He found it endearing.

The long skirt fluttered the more she paced back and forth. Her ass and flat belly looked incredibly hot. And the way the halter top hugged her firm breasts… His mouth watered. Images of her coming last night filled his head. His dick hardened remembering her wild cries of pleasure.

Shaking his head, he adjusted in his seat and tried to focus on the task at hand. “You’re right.”


Eric sighed. She was quick with her comebacks. He’d probably never win against her. At least not this morning.

“I mean, you’re right. I don’t know dick about you. And there’s probably going to be little time to make that happen. We both lead hectic lives, it seems. Plus you’ll be gone and back to your world soon. But you won’t take Melissa with you.”

Candy snorted and stormed toward him. “You need to get it in your thick skull that she’s an adult, Eric.” She rubbed her palms together. “She’s serious about this. Sticking her in a courtroom is not going to make her happy. And she already has me putting out feelers for work this month. She probably already has her bags packed.”

Christ. He thought Melissa wanted to discuss things first, not come home just to leave again. Probably for good. He clenched his teeth, anger rising. He needed to keep her close.

She is an adult, old man.

He shook off the little voice in his head. It didn’t matter. He had to convince his little sister that following the lawyer path was the right one.

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Mid Week Tease: “Oh, darlin’, everything is better with cream.” #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

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This week’s tease comes from STIRRING UP DIRTY, book 1 of “Stirred by Love” seriesand connected to DARE — contracted and coming soon with Evernight Publishing.

I know a couple of beta readers, critique partners who read SUD absolutely fell hard for Drew, Eric’s brother, so I thought I’d share a bit of him. His playfulness & flirting is endearing! And Yes! His story is already outlined, I Promise!!!! *g*

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
“What can I get ya?” a voice said from behind the bar.
She glanced up, and the smile slowly fell from her face. Dear Lord, did Alberta grow their men fine.
This hunk, with short curly black hair and deep brown eyes… She licked her lips. Gosh, she was thirsty. She loved a tall, dark and extremely handsome man, and this one, dressed in a tight red t-shirt, fit the bill.
If only she was here for fun and frolic time. But she wasn’t.stirringupdirty1l
She lifted her gaze to his. Damn work. Letting out a deep sigh, she leaned her chin on her hand. “Could you make me a strawberry daiquiri?”
“Sure.” He winked at her. “My brother is the true mixing god around here, but I’ll do my best, darlin’.”
Oh, what a charmer this one was. His face had a gentleness that she already liked. A bit weathered she supposed from the sun, but still had a freshness she found endearing. He had a look of toughness and she read him as a man’s man but there was a shyness in his eyes that drew her in. She guessed him to be near to her age of thirty-seven.
Candy swung around on the stool and nestled her knees under the bar, eager to admire this man work. His back was to her for a moment, and she raked her gaze over him from head to toe, admiring his ass cupped nicely into dark blue jeans. Probably a few inches taller than her five-six, he was a man who seemed to take good care of himself. His biceps flexed as he mixed her drink.
He glanced at her. “You’re new around here.” Liquid sloshed as he shook up her drink in a tall hand mixer.
She eased back against her seat and nodded. “Brand spanking new.” She smirked when he chuckled. “Just got in a few minutes ago, actually. This is my first stop.”
He poured her drink into a fresh glass, tucked in a long straw, added a tiny dollop of whipped cream on top and set the cocktail on a napkin in front of her. “Needed a drink that badly, did you?”
“Yes and no. I’m meeting someone here, actually.”
Brown Eyes leaned on the bar, arms crossed. “Well, welcome to St. Albert, then. We’re not the most exciting place in the world but we’re one of the safest. And fun once in a while.”
She took a sip of her drink. Closing her eyes, she basked in the sweet and smooth taste of strawberries and rum. The sugar rushed to her head, warming her all over. “I’ve never had it with whipped cream before.”
He stared at her and let out a loud laugh. “Oh, darlin’, everything is better with cream.”

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Mid Week Tease: “He bet she was used to getting her way…” #MWTease #StirredbyLove

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

It’s been so rainy and overcast the last week or so, and more to come reports say, that it’s making me itch from being inside so much. However!!! My hay crops and gardens are LOVING the rain so much, things are shaping up nicely.

Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from STIRRING UP DIRTY, book 1 of “Stirred by Love” seriesand connected to DARE — recently contracted and coming soon with Evernight Publishing.

Eric still isn’t thrilled that Candy is in town, ready to whisk his sister off to Europe, and he’s trying to keep his cool…

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
“Hey there. It’s Eric, right?”
He stalled and pivoted. Behind him was the one person he didn’t need to see right now. Melissa had talked about her enough that he knew all he needed to about her. And some shit he hadn’t cared to.
“Ms. Wilson. Hope you’re enjoying our little town here.”
She leaned against the wall of Abe’s Diner. “Little? This place is huge. I did enjoy some shopping this morning. The market a couple blocks over has some of the nicest things. I spent way more than I should.”StirringUpDirty-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-3Drender
He bet she did. From what she’d shown at the bar yesterday, she had more money than she really knew what to do with. In his opinion, she’d earned everything by letting it all hang out in fashion magazines for the world to see. Wearing skimpy outfits and bathing suits, which to him was too much to be taken seriously. She had the looks for sure, but he questioned her morals.
“Well, I have to get back to the bar. Nice seeing you.”
“Oh, you couldn’t spare a few minutes to have coffee with me? There are a few things I’d love to talk to you about.” She sidled closer to him, a smile lighting her face. Her eyes twinkling like stars in the evening sky.
He bet she was used to getting her way all the time.
She brushed a hand over his bicep. “Just a quick coffee, and maybe a bite to eat?”
The heat from her palm rushed through him. His fingers tingled and the urge to feel her warmth around him caught him off guard. He took a step back and shook his head. Damn her for getting to him. He needed to steer clear. She would do anything to take his sister away from here, even use her wiles to do it; he’d seen her flirting with Drew yesterday.
“Sorry, I don’t have time to entertain you. You’ll have to find someone else to keep you occupied, Ms. Wilson. Have a good day.”
Eric turned and strode away. He needed to keep a watchful eye on his sister, and find a way to dig himself out of the hole he was in.
Neither would be easy, though.
Not with the distraction of Candy Wilson around to battle with.

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Mid Week Tease: “Her plan was shot to hell.” #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from STIRRING UP DIRTY, book 1 of “Stirred by Love” seriesand connected to DARE — recently contracted and coming soon with Evernight Publishing.

This is a scene that made me chuckled for a bit while writing. Some details came out of nowhere, and just seemed to fit.

Here, Eric has just returned home from having a few drinks, his sister invited Candy to stay the night because of a project they’d been working on, and Eric is only too happy to find her. And again, the chemistry between the two characters smolders.

And let’s see if anyone recognizes a certain book/story mentioned, which are some details that just worked their way in and stuck.  *g*

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
“Get out of here, Eric. I watched you get out of the truck. You’ve had too much to drink.”
He advanced toward her. She inched back higher against the headboard. Those frickin’ tingles along every inch of her body were back again. The last thing she needed was for him to get too close. Fighting every urge to jump on him, she concentrated on her breathing, and the frustration he caused.
“I only had three before coming home. I’m not so tanked I don’t know what I’m doing.” He looked around at the papers still on the bed. “What are you doing?”
“At this hour? Do you never give it a rest?”
She scooped up the top folder and slapped it on top of her tablet. Kicking her legs free from their folded position, she pushed at his legs with her feet. “Get off. Go to bed. I’m tired.”StirringUpDirty-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-3Drender
He snatched the last folder, then froze.
Candy’s breath caught in her throat. Oh, darn it all to hell.
So she hadn’t worked all night. She’d gone to bed with one of her favorite past times. A good book to settle in with and relax until sleep claimed her.
But the particular book in her briefcase was one she kept tucked away in the privacy of her bedroom. The cover, intoxicatingly gorgeous and sexy, with the lone male on the front dressed in fatigues, and his uniform shirt open to reveal a perfectly sculpted chest and hot abs. The man was a god among men. The fantasy of each woman worldwide who would appreciate the male form from head to toe, and loved hard muscle to grab hold of.
“Give me that.”
“What the hell is this? Uniform Fetish? A new version of Playboy?”
She reached out for the book but he moved back and held it above his head. She dropped her arms, frustrated. “No, you moron. It’s a book. You know with words inside. Have you ever read one?”
He glared at her, then to her mortification, opened it to a random page. His eyes widened.
Her cheeks burned. Shit. So she enjoyed a hot erotic romance book now and again. She wouldn’t admit that she read more than four a month, even with her schedule. Getting lost in a hot fantasy at the end of a hectic day was heaven. She’d been a fan of the genre for over a decade, long before most people cared to admit it existed.
“Jesus. The dude, Miles is going down on her, eating her pussy like there’s no tomorrow. And she loves it.” Eric read further, his facial features almost making her laugh. He was humored by it, probably even a bit enamored but he’d never admit it.
“Is this what women read to get turned on?”
She shrugged. “Hell if I know. I’m not every woman.”
“No, but you’re the only one here who’s been reading this…what the hell do I call it…filth?”
Charging on to her knees, she snatched the book from his palms. “Of course not. You have no understanding about it. Have you ever written a book? Don’t call it what it isn’t. Erotic romances are meant to titillate and seduce the reader. If you must know, I enjoy the journey of the characters, the self-discovery about themselves and the desires to fulfill every fantasy.”
She tossed the book on the night table and waved her hands toward him. “You can go now. I’m done explaining a good book to you.”
“Don’t be defensive. I’m curious. I mean, reading about sex…” He lifted his grey eyes, and they latched onto hers. “Does it turn you on?”
Warmth washed over her. She wanted to kick the light covers off her legs and let the air cool her off. But the intense flames shooting from his eyes held her captive. Trembling, she drew on the strength to steady her breathing. When he moved closer, pulling the sheet away from her legs, and wrapping a hand around each of her ankles, her plan was shot to hell.

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Mid Week Tease: “The size of your ego is unbelievable.” #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from STIRRING UP DIRTY, book 1 of “Stirred by Love” seriesand connected to DARE — recently contracted and coming soon with Evernight Publishing.

And since I received my cover for it over the weekend, I had to share another tease. *g*

This scene is a continuation of last week’s tease, but after all the really hot stuff, and Eric has brought her to bliss, all one-sided, and Candy is eager and ready to help him out. His attitude though pisses her off.

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
When the room stopped spinning and the feeling returned to her limbs again, she stood and turned in his arms. “That was unexpected.” Placing a hand on his chest, she grinned at him. There was so much she wanted to share with him next. Juices ran down her thighs, yet she wanted him now. They couldn’t leave without the feel of him sinking deep inside her.
She frowned when he pushed her skirt over her hips and took a step back. “I have to get back to work.”
Her gaze dropped to the front of his jeans. The rigid shaft behind the zipper was clear to see yet he wanted to get back to work?stirringupdirty1l
“But, well, I didn’t think we were done here.” Candy forced a smile and waved a hand toward his hardness. “You’re obviously unaffected.”
Eric shrugged and pulled out his cell phone.
Anger curled through her as she watched him type. The nerve of him. “What is this all about, Eric?”
“Pick up your underwear. Drew will be here in a few minutes to open the door.”
She gasped, then bent over and pulled them up. “You’re some bastard you know that? Why did you bother touching me at all if you didn’t want to get laid?”
He chuckled. “Darlin’, there’d be nothing I’d like more than dipping into you. I know that, but it’s hardly a great idea, isn’t it? You’re here to whisk my sister off to some ridiculous career and you want to convince me it’s for her own good.”
Candy opened her mouth but he cut her off. “If fucking me is your way to convince me then you’re wrong. It won’t work.”
She shook her head. “This had nothing to do with Melissa. Jesus, your ego is unbelievable. You just seduced me for christ sake!”
He moved in, crowding her against the shelves when she tried to get around him. “Tell me you wouldn’t have let me fuck you right here, right against these shelves? Or you weren’t ready to open that sassy hot mouth and suck my dick if I asked you a minute ago. Hell, you were so hot for it tonight you could have burned the place down.”
She narrowed her eyes at him, breathing deep through her nose. Damn him for saying things that were true. But this had nothing to do with her career.
“Since the minute I met you, I admit, I wanted to see you come. Wanted to watch you come apart. You’re a hot piece of ass who turns me on. But I won’t be used, Candy. If I ever fuck you, that’s all it will ever be. There’ll be nothing else between us.”
A knock on the door startled her. A second bang had her stepping away from Eric and his intense gaze. The last thing she needed was Drew or Melissa catching them in a heated argument.
“Stupid door sticks every year in this heat. Oh, hey, Candy. I didn’t know you were in here.” Drew’s gaze moved from her to his brother. “Everything okay?”
She pasted on a smile and waved a hand. “Thank you. You need to get air conditioning in here.” Laughing, which sounded fake even to her own ears, she ignored Eric and exited the storeroom. “Tell Melissa we’ll talk tomorrow. Your brother seems to have the snacks handled that she sent me in for, so I’ll say goodnight.”
“If you want to stay, you’re more than welcome to sit at the end of the bar while we close. You can tell me more about your foreign travels.”
Why couldn’t he have been the one to set her pulse racing and want to throw on the floor and have her way with him? No, she had to be attracted to his barbaric and asshole brother who didn’t give a shit about her feelings.
“No thanks. I’m pretty tired. But let Melissa know I’ve gone back to my hotel, would you?”
Eric exited the store room carrying a case of beer. His gaze flickered over her before he headed straight for the bar.
Her teeth clenched. Irritation with him filled her. His indifference pissed her off.
Turning on her heel, she strode through the nearly empty bar and pushed the big doors open. Drawing in the refreshing but humid air, she walked toward the Mazda she had rented earlier in the day.
Her thighs were sticky as she walked down the well-lit street. If she could, she’d erase the last forty-some minutes and do them all over again.
Who was she kidding? She’d wanted Eric’s hands on her. Hell, she’d wanted him all over her. But after tonight, he wouldn’t get that close again.
She’d put herself on display for him, had been vulnerable in the most intimate way. He’d burn in hell before he laid one more finger on her.

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