Mid Week Tease: “The size of your ego is unbelievable.” #MWTease

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This week’s tease comes from STIRRING UP DIRTY, book 1 of “Stirred by Love” seriesand connected to DARE — recently contracted and coming soon with Evernight Publishing.

And since I received my cover for it over the weekend, I had to share another tease. *g*

This scene is a continuation of last week’s tease, but after all the really hot stuff, and Eric has brought her to bliss, all one-sided, and Candy is eager and ready to help him out. His attitude though pisses her off.

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
When the room stopped spinning and the feeling returned to her limbs again, she stood and turned in his arms. “That was unexpected.” Placing a hand on his chest, she grinned at him. There was so much she wanted to share with him next. Juices ran down her thighs, yet she wanted him now. They couldn’t leave without the feel of him sinking deep inside her.
She frowned when he pushed her skirt over her hips and took a step back. “I have to get back to work.”
Her gaze dropped to the front of his jeans. The rigid shaft behind the zipper was clear to see yet he wanted to get back to work?stirringupdirty1l
“But, well, I didn’t think we were done here.” Candy forced a smile and waved a hand toward his hardness. “You’re obviously unaffected.”
Eric shrugged and pulled out his cell phone.
Anger curled through her as she watched him type. The nerve of him. “What is this all about, Eric?”
“Pick up your underwear. Drew will be here in a few minutes to open the door.”
She gasped, then bent over and pulled them up. “You’re some bastard you know that? Why did you bother touching me at all if you didn’t want to get laid?”
He chuckled. “Darlin’, there’d be nothing I’d like more than dipping into you. I know that, but it’s hardly a great idea, isn’t it? You’re here to whisk my sister off to some ridiculous career and you want to convince me it’s for her own good.”
Candy opened her mouth but he cut her off. “If fucking me is your way to convince me then you’re wrong. It won’t work.”
She shook her head. “This had nothing to do with Melissa. Jesus, your ego is unbelievable. You just seduced me for christ sake!”
He moved in, crowding her against the shelves when she tried to get around him. “Tell me you wouldn’t have let me fuck you right here, right against these shelves? Or you weren’t ready to open that sassy hot mouth and suck my dick if I asked you a minute ago. Hell, you were so hot for it tonight you could have burned the place down.”
She narrowed her eyes at him, breathing deep through her nose. Damn him for saying things that were true. But this had nothing to do with her career.
“Since the minute I met you, I admit, I wanted to see you come. Wanted to watch you come apart. You’re a hot piece of ass who turns me on. But I won’t be used, Candy. If I ever fuck you, that’s all it will ever be. There’ll be nothing else between us.”
A knock on the door startled her. A second bang had her stepping away from Eric and his intense gaze. The last thing she needed was Drew or Melissa catching them in a heated argument.
“Stupid door sticks every year in this heat. Oh, hey, Candy. I didn’t know you were in here.” Drew’s gaze moved from her to his brother. “Everything okay?”
She pasted on a smile and waved a hand. “Thank you. You need to get air conditioning in here.” Laughing, which sounded fake even to her own ears, she ignored Eric and exited the storeroom. “Tell Melissa we’ll talk tomorrow. Your brother seems to have the snacks handled that she sent me in for, so I’ll say goodnight.”
“If you want to stay, you’re more than welcome to sit at the end of the bar while we close. You can tell me more about your foreign travels.”
Why couldn’t he have been the one to set her pulse racing and want to throw on the floor and have her way with him? No, she had to be attracted to his barbaric and asshole brother who didn’t give a shit about her feelings.
“No thanks. I’m pretty tired. But let Melissa know I’ve gone back to my hotel, would you?”
Eric exited the store room carrying a case of beer. His gaze flickered over her before he headed straight for the bar.
Her teeth clenched. Irritation with him filled her. His indifference pissed her off.
Turning on her heel, she strode through the nearly empty bar and pushed the big doors open. Drawing in the refreshing but humid air, she walked toward the Mazda she had rented earlier in the day.
Her thighs were sticky as she walked down the well-lit street. If she could, she’d erase the last forty-some minutes and do them all over again.
Who was she kidding? She’d wanted Eric’s hands on her. Hell, she’d wanted him all over her. But after tonight, he wouldn’t get that close again.
She’d put herself on display for him, had been vulnerable in the most intimate way. He’d burn in hell before he laid one more finger on her.

Coming soon!!!! *g*

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