Thursday Thirteen 2/28

Opinions vary – especially when it comes to fashion and entertainment – but I wanted to share my fave dresses and most fave moment from the Oscars this past weekend. It was a long show, I did miss a few things but for the most part the show was okay. I enjoyed Seth MacFarlane about 75% of the time. He certainly wasn’t the worst host in Oscar history that’s for sure.

  Helen Hunt – Damn I loved this dress, but boo on the wrinkles! But she looked gorgeous!

Jane Fonda – She looked sensational…75 years young and still kicking ass IMO. Outshined a lot of the other ladies!

Jennifer Hudson – Beautiful. Love this colour of blue on her. Amazing.

 Guiliana Rancic – Another beauty. She’s been so much and still rocking. Very pretty.

Salma Hayek – I really like her look this year. I don’t think it’s as fantastic as many say it is, but overall, she looks beautiful and did everything from head-to-toe right.

Sandra Bullock – Always one of my faves to see at award events. Rarely does she wear something I don’t like. This year, looking elegant again. Only wish her hair was up, or at least pinned back to show off her face a bit more.


 Stacy Kiebler – One of the absolute best dresses this year I think.

Sally Field – She looked so pretty, very light and free. I wish she won for Best Actress though.

Charlize Theron – I wish she had of accessorized a bit at the neck, but overall, stunning as usual.


 Channing & Jenna Tatum – the couple of the night for me. Both looking so happy with the baby bump. Gorgeous and sweet!!

 Catherine Zeta-Jones – Stunning. Enough said.

Queen Latifah – She always looks elegant.
One of my fave moments during the show, though not very long – Channing Tatum & Charlize Theron dancing! They looked great together and did so well! Maybe they should have been contestants this year on Dancing With the Stars!

A great evening for a lot of the stars. I liked Jennifer Lawrence & Anne Hathaway dresses too, but there were major flaws that they could have taken care of IMO. Accessories and a darker colour when you have fair skin is sometimes a better option. I thought they were both to pale for the light colour dresses they wore. But that’s just my opinion. *g*

Did you watch the Oscars? Who was your best dressed star?
Let me know!!