Thursday Thirteen 3/14

Good morning all! Another week has flown by. Shoot, March is half over! Can’t believe how fast time goes.
So, this week’s 13 ... Think you know a lot about me? I’ve revealed many things about myself in various interviews. But, here’s Thirteen things I don’t think I’ve shared before…

#1 — I LOVE tacos & quesadillas.

#2 — My heritage is English, Irish, and Scottish – makes for a lot of fun family get-togethers! We’re all a feisty group! *g*

#3 — I have only received one speeding ticket in my life. I was in a hurry to pick up my kid, didn’t give myself enough time. Lesson learned for sure!

#4 — I got my driver’s license when I was 20.

#5 — My one regret is not playing ANNIE in my grade school musical. I had the red hair for it but I didn’t — #6 explains why.

#6 — My biggest fear & makes me want to vomit just thinking about it – public speaking. Makes my hands sweat and I feel lightheaded.


#7 — My fave cartoon character is Yosemite Sam.

#8 — My 80s crushes were ~ Kevin Bacon & John Stamos.

#9 — I’m scared senseless of snakes…seriously. My one recurring nightmare since I was teen is being smothered by a snake. Not sure why it started but I have it frequently.

#10 — My lucky number is 17.

#11 — I’m a bit of a cougar (so my daughter says), I love beefy, brawny, sexy young guys (ie: Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, Steven R. McQueen). What can I say…I appreciate the male form. # 12 confirms my younger man appreciation…

#12 — My husband is 6 years younger than I am.

#13 — Since I mastered texting, I detest talking on the phone. I mean really, who does that anymore?? LOL

So how about you? Tell me something about yourself! I’d love to hear any similarities to any of the above that apply to you.

Have a great week ahead.