Mid Week Tease: “I’d say you’re the true dominant one here.” #MWTease

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This week’s tease comes from GUARDING MIDNIGHT, which releases April 1st with Evernight Publishing.

Here, things are cooling down — kinda — after a very heated exchange, and Shree doesn’t want to listen to Gavin about the danger lurking…

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
Pushing to her feet, she picked up her duffle bag and set it on the workout bench. “I don’t need to know that much about you to understand the symbolism of the tattoo. You’ve already tried your bodyguard dominance on me, remember?”
He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her back into his chest. “I’d say you’re the true dominant one here.” His lips skimmed along her neck. She trembled from the overwhelming emotions he surrounded her with. “I hope there will be more times for you to show me some more of your dominant side,” he whispered into her ear.
Not wanting to have a discussion about what had just happened, or what might from here on out, she laughed with little humor behind it and shoved his hands away. Turning in his arms, she brushed his cheek with her lips and lifted her bag. “You never know what could happen. But right now, I’m late for an appointment across town.”GuardingMidnight-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-FinalCover
She gave his shoulder a brief shove, causing him to take a step back. Drawing in a deep breath, Shree did her best to ignore the humming in her chest and the throbbing in her pussy.
Buck ass naked and glorious, his body sculpted so fine and beautifully, she wanted to jump him all over again. But now wasn’t the time. She wasn’t sure there ever could be another moment like this. It wouldn’t be good for her.
Or her heart.
Oh shut up. You get laid for the first time in years and you’re hearing sonnets.
“Hey, hang on.” His voice broke through her thoughts.
She turned, thankful while also saddened that he was pulling his jeans up over his hips. What a waste of clothing. This was one man that all women should get to see walk around as free as the day he was born.
“I really have to get going.”
“Okay, just let me tell you something. I explained, albeit briefly, about this ass that’s giving Charlie a hard time. I’d rather you not go anywhere alone.”
She scowled. “I’ll be fine.” He wasn’t about to get all territorial on her, was he? She despised that.
“Shree.” His hand clasped her wrist, holding her in place as she reached for the doorknob. “Look, what happened here…”
“Don’t say it,” she warned through gritted teeth.
“What?” he questioned, eyes wide.
“Don’t say that what happened here gives you the right to tell me what to do and where to go. You don’t have that right.”
He dropped her hand, stepped back, and ran his palms over his bare head. “I wasn’t going to say that.” Shree snorted. “Okay, not exactly like that, but listen, this guy is dangerous. I know he has people watching this place all the time.”
“I’m only heading to the pharmacy, Gavin. It’s not like this guy is going to find that interesting enough.” She shifted her bag onto her shoulder. This thug had issues with Charlie, and apparently, now Gavin, not her. She was just a dancer.
“He’ll use whatever leverage he can. And that means you. The star attraction.”
“Forget it. I’m going.” She glared at him, unwilling to relent.
A loud knock on the door startled her.
Charlie walked in, her long hair swinging behind her. Her gaze roamed over Gavin’s bare chest, then looked at Shree. Eyes dancing, her lips twitched. “Hey, guys. Shree, I was looking for you. I have to head across town to the drugstore. Thought I’d see if you wanted to come along.” She turned toward Gavin. “Gav, would you drive? Tommy has my truck since he’s picking up cases of booze that I found from another vendor. Do you mind?”
Gavin nodded. “No problem at all, little one.” He grabbed his shirt and pulled the garment over his head. He winked at Shree.
She rolled her eyes and leaned her forehead on the door. Son-of-a-mother…damn his happy mood to hell. She needed to get away from him, give herself the time to collect her thoughts again and frame some of those walls inside her back up. The last thing she needed was to spend time with him.
“Shree? You okay?” Charlie asked, frowning.
Standing tall, she nodded at her boss. “Never better. Just heading there myself.”
Not bothering to show how put off she was by the turn of events, she pasted a smile on her face and led the way out of the gym.
She didn’t have to like the way the day was shaping up, nor would she allow Gavin the satisfaction of knowing that she was shaken by the sex they’d had.
The walls would be reconstructed and firmly in place quickly. She was nothing if not determined.
It would take a stronger man than him to knock them apart completely.
As the thought crossed her mind, Shree’s heart raced, positive she could hear the walls cracking inside her.

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  1. What a waste of clothing. <- such a great line and I feel exactly the same way. 🙂 Great snippet, Kacey! I can't wait for this one to release.

  2. Love this line “Oh shut up. You get laid for the first time in years and you’re hearing sonnets.” Great tease, Kacey.

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