Mid Week Tease: “Penny for your thoughts?” #MWTease #GuardingMidnight

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This week’s tease comes from Book 1 of the Canadian Muscle Series, GUARDING MIDNIGHT, and TODAY IS THE DAY!!

RELEASE DAY!!!  Guarding Midnight is now available at Evernight Publishing.

Here, poor Gavin…he just doesn’t know he’s fighting a losing battle. Midnight has him all tied up in knots. *g*

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
Pushing open the door to the gym, he stopped just inside.
Beads of sweat glistened her back, shoulders, and arms. Strands of hair escaped her ponytail and stuck to her neck and cheek. She seemed to be hammering at breakneck speed on the spin bike she rode.
Glorious woman.GM-avails
Simply gorgeous and exotic.
Her golden skin, long limbs, and round backside made his mouth water. What he wouldn’t give to have her wrapped around his body, head to toe, and hold on tight for what he knew would be a wild ride.
Humming caught his ears. He grinned. Earbuds in her ears, her legs moving faster as she worked hard, it was nice to see Shree relaxed and at ease. And damn, did she work hard. He admired the fact she kept in shape regularly—he had no doubt that it took a lot of work to remain in such fantastic condition and work the apparatuses she used on stage.
But he couldn’t stand here gawking at her superb bod all day. Unfortunately, he had work to do.
Shutting the door behind him, he moved to the treadmill across the room.
She glanced in his direction, and he gave a small nod in response. After removing an earbud, still peddling hard, she raised her brows at him.
He’d never met a woman who didn’t make small talk. She was an enigma to him. “We need to talk.”
“Go ahead. I have five minutes left on this. You’ll need to talk louder, though.”
Resting against the treadmill, he crossed his arms over his chest. No one said he couldn’t enjoy the view while working.
And what an eyeful. Her blue sports bra barely contained her tantalizing tits, and her hard nipples were visible behind the spandex. Her mounds bounced with every movement. Her shorts clung to her muscular thighs. She’d been very blessed with all the assets bestowed upon her.
His skin itched to reach out and explore.
And fuck if he wasn’t the luckiest son-of-a-bitch bodyguard-slash-bouncer on the planet.
For that reason alone, he was starting to be pleased with himself that he’d taken this job.
He rolled his shoulders. Hell, what was he thinking? He couldn’t get mixed up with her, or any other woman. He didn’t have time or the inclination to cater to a clingy chick. It wasn’t the route he wanted to take. The only commitment he had was to his country, and it didn’t matter if he was on active duty or not. He was an Army man. It was engrained in him now. He wanted to be free to come and go as he wanted and work in private sectors.
He suspected Shree wouldn’t be a woman to easily walk away from. The mystery of her had already gotten under his skin. He wanted to know more about her, hear her story, but he needed to remind himself this was only a job. A favor for a friend.
He’d be gone soon.
“Penny for your thoughts?” Shree’s breathless voice dragged him from his musings.
If she only knew what his thoughts were, she’d keep her money.


Available Now at Evernight Publishing


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  1. HAPPY RELEASE DAY!!!!!!! Oh, he’s adorable. I love how aware he is of his gawking, knows he shouldn’t be, but can’t help it! Here’s to many many sales and happy readers!

  2. Hahahahahah loved the last line, Kacey. And congrats on the new release. 🙂

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