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Good morning all! Happy Monday!

ellaquoteIt’s a heat wave again!! Ontario is being slammed with huge temps, nearing 40 degrees Celsius. I’m melting and it’s not pretty!

Okay, so what’s ahead?

Book News this week — The WIP is shaping up nicely. I wrote almost 4k into the story. And have about another dozen pages hand written that I need to type up. It’s coming along at its own pace and sometimes writing is like that. My Muse doesn’t like this heat blast either!!

Book News this week — FIGHTING FOR HONOR has received it’s cover!! The talented Jay Aheer totally left me fightingforhonor1mbreathless and very, very happy with her capturing the essence of the story. I’m over the moon with this spectacular cover!

Fighting for Honor releases August 26th!

My Latest Release: Stirring Up Dirty – Contemporary Erotic Romance. Learn more about that story, HERE. It’s received some great reviews already!

I’m also very honored to have made — well Gavin & Guarding Midnight — have made it to the Final 16 in the “Sex Scene Championship” at Scorching Book Reviews this year. I’m up again tomorrow (Aug 18th) for the next round of voting!!

Movie Mention this week – I shed some tears this past weekend. I watched an oldie, The Skulls, which featured Joshua Jackson, William Peterson and my beloved, Paul Walker. I have a hard time knowing he is gone. I was very much attached to him, his acting, and the family bonding we all did in my house over the Fast & Furious Franchise. The Skulls (the first one — the 2nd and 3rd are blech) is a good movie, and showcased the young talent of up and comers like Joshua and Paul.

Reading Mention this week – I didn’t get a chance to read anything but my own WIP this past week! I hope this coming week I’ll get to take a break and indulge in something fabulous.

Personal fun this week – I’m heading to Grandpa’s today, to spend a bit of time on the water outside his back door with my son. Taking my notebook as well to get a bit of writing in while son is perfecting his kayaking skills. Mom first, then author time.


That’s all for now! Have a super week!!

Happy Reading!