Mid Week Tease: “Have me figured out, do you?” #MWTease #GuardingMidnight #CanadianMuscle

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This week’s tease comes from GUARDING MIDNIGHT. This scene is after a hot bout of sex.

The chill in the air surprised her considering sweat dampened her skin. Her whole body trembled from the adventure this man had just taken her on.
She pulled her sports bra back over her breasts and eased off his lap. On her knees, she gathered the rest of her clothes and stepped into the sweats she’d brought with her. “I can officially say my workout is finished for today.” She grinned at him over her shoulder. “That GMtoppickwas definitely better than planking or lifting weights.” Pushing her arms into the sleeves of her sweatshirt, she zipped it up, then took a long drink from her water bottle.
He chuckled as he sat up. Bloody hell and Christ almighty. How was a girl to cool off when this golden god was built like he was?
Her gaze ran over his back, in awe as she strode across the floor toward him. Her finger traced over his back, her gaze roaming the permanent ink.
Beautiful. A bald eagle covered his entire back, its wings spread out across his shoulder blades. The eagle’s beak was open, eyes as angry as the spread of its wings. It reminded her of a hunter, warning off others from coming near. The only color was the red of the Canadian flag in the bird’s tail feathers. Spectacular. “This is magnificent.”
He turned toward her. “Thanks. One of the guys in my unit does a great job. I forget it’s there sometimes.”
She continued to trace the tat as her eyes met his. “I love it. What made you decide to get one?”
Gavin shrugged. “The guys were always talking about how I was everyone’s keeper, how I constantly made sure they were taken care of. Some started calling me Guardian. The night I got this…” He lifted his shoulders. “We’d all had a long, hellish day. So much suffering over there, it seemed like it would never end. I’d pulled a guy out of a burning building, not fast enough, though, since he’d suffered third degree burns across his legs and arms by then.” He stopped. Fists clenched on his bare thighs, he closed his eyes in remembrance.
Shree shifted closer, and laid a cheek on his shoulder.
A breath shuddered through him. “But he survived, and is doing okay in Saskatchewan. The guys looked upon me like some hero out of a story. Rich, the guy who did the tat, convinced me to let him do it, to commemorate the time over there and how much they all trusted me.”
“The eagle is a protector, a guardian. Rich chose well,” she murmured against his skin. She pulled back and ran her fingers over the white skull. “Masculine, dominant, and ruler.” Leaning in, she kissed his shoulder then sat back. “I have to agree, it suits you.”
He smirked at her. “Have me figured out, do you?”

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