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This week’s tease is from my upcoming suspense title, AWAKENINGS.

Here, Detectives, Alicia Knowles & her partner Ethan James have come upon the dead body of a young woman brutally murdered. After what Alicia went through in ILLUSIONS (book 1 of In the Arms of the Law), let’s just say, she is not dealing with it well.

And Alicia’s actions have repercussions that surprise her, and add tension to an already difficult situation Captain Cole Douglass, her boss — and her old lover…


(C) Kacey Hammell,2016

“Dammit it, Ethan, get over here. Help me cover her!”

At the high-pitched, crazed tone in his partner’s voice, Ethan had a feeling Alicia Knowles was remembering the past. He strode quickly to her side.

“You know we can’t cover her, move her, or do anything to contaminate the body or KH_Awakenings_V1_400X600scene.” He clipped the radio to his belt and knelt beside Alicia at Monica’s right side. His gaze lifted to his partner’s face. He saw what he’d feared: pale complexion, tight-set lips as concern and fear waged war on her face.

“Pull yourself together.”

Not quite six months had passed since Alicia had been held hostage, naked, gagged, and bound to a chair by a madman with a knife and a bomb. Earlier, when they’d received the call to investigate the sighting of the suspect they’d been on the lookout for, Ethan noted Alicia’s immediate stillness. There had been a misstep in her stride as they came upon the body—clothes torn, beaten, and still bound and gagged—lying in the parking lot behind her apartment building.

“I don’t want anyone to see her like this.” Alicia’s shaky voice washed over him.

The iciness of it chilled him to the bone.

She came back to the job too soon. I should have tried to stop her.

“She’s cold.” Alicia tenderly touched the dead woman’s cheek. “Help me get her off this cold cement. Let’s put her in the back seat of the car.”

To witness his partner wanting to comfort the young woman, a mere four years younger than she, nearly broke his heart.

But common sense prevailed. “Fuck, don’t touch her.” He grabbed her hand. “Dammit, Ali. Just wait for the M.E.” Ethan saw her body tighten with tension, and her gaze blazed fire at him as she lifted her head. She pinned him with a stare he’d come to recognize over the last few months. Rage, ice, and anger in those hardened eyes.

If looks could kill….

 AWAKENINGS releases February 24th!

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