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This week’s tease once again comes from an **Untitled** WIP, (unedited) and is the sequel to GUARDING MIDNIGHT.  Frank has come and gone from Charlie’s life over and over again in the last couple of years. She’s better off protecting herself from him, but the fight is a difficult one …

© Kacey Hammell, 2016

“Look, baby, without you in this storm of a life, I’m lost.” His eyes pleaded with her. Charlie gripped the counter hard.

Damn him.

“I come back here – to you – every time because it’s a helplessness I can’t squelch. You’re the light in the dark side of me, Charlie.”

Crack. Ever crackle in the walls around her heart filled her ears. Every coat of cement she’d spent months carefully building shook as they weakened. Her fingers holding onto the granite counter were white, the pain of her grip hurt but she couldn’t let go. Her teeth hurt form clenching her jaw so hard.

No. No. He wasn’t allowed to do this. She made a promise to herself that she planned to keep.work-in-progress

He took a step forward. “No. Hell no. Stop,” Holding up both hands, she glared at him. “You’ll head back to the adventure and danger the first chance you get.” Spinning away, she whipped open the fridge, withdrawing a bottle. She needed something to get her through this conversation. Yanking the cork from the bottle of resin she hadn’t finished the other night, she poured more than half a glass, then turned back to him.

“This little town will never be enough for you, Frank.” She topped the glass at her lips and swallowed as much as she could take in. The crisp wetness coated her mouth, but she couldn’t savor it. Not right now. Scowling, she waved a finger, silencing him when he opened his mouth.

“Don’t deny it. I’m not that big of a fool. I knew it from the beginning and while I didn’t want forevers either, I never expected I’d become a revolving door for you. And now you’ve returned hunting for my brother. My brother! You won’t use me to find him, so go to hell.” She took another deep swallow of wine. Shaking her head, she slapped her hand on the counter. “I don’t know where Sean is and our past relationship is over. Frank, you need to go. Go and don’t knock on my door again.” She inhaled, her heart thudding hard in her chest. “We’re finished.”

His face tightened. Charlie watched him clench his teeth, his eyes hardening and pinning her in place. Only once before had she seen him like this. Anger rolling off him. Coiled to strike. When they’d rescued Victoria and he’d realized the full extent of what she’d been through. She should probably be scared of his change but when it came to her safety, she trusted him completely.

But with her heart it was a different matter.


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  1. Oh man, I hope she sticks with it (unless he’s the love interest). I did find a typo: “Ever crackle…” should be “Every crackle…” just so you don’t miss it in edits. 🙂

  2. Girl, you’ve got me all twisted up inside reading this teaser. Absolutely fabulous. Can’t wait for more.

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