#MidWeekTease: “What’s changed is my getting shot, honey. It changes everything.” #MWTease #CanadianMuscle #WIP


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This week’s tease is from my current WIP, and the 2nd of the Canadian Muscle series, which is currently not titled.

In the years since GUARDING MIDNIGHT ended, Charlie and Frank have been on again / off again. And she’s had quite enough of him blowing through her life with no care to how old the whole thing is getting.

Here, Frank has landed back in her life — wounded, eager to see her, and to is on the hunt for the most dear person to her.

Let’s just say, writing this one has been fun!!

This is a WIP and hasn’t been completely edited as yet.


(c) Kacey Hammell, 2016

“Where am I?” the grogginess in his voice didn’t matter to her. She needed answers. Now.

She charged toward the bed. “Tell me what you’re doing here.” Hands on her hips, she glared down at the one man who did little but cause chaos in her life.

“Give him a second,” Marc held him down as Shree threaded the eye of a needle.

“What the hell are you doing, woman?”

“What yourself, man. Don’t speak to her like that,” Gavin ordered between clenched teeth and stepped closer to the end of the bed.

Charlie moved in closer and gave his foot a shove. “Speak now for cripes’ sake. What in the hell are you doing here, Frank Shaw?”

“Charlotte?” The man who stole her heart two years ago squinted up at her from his prone position.WIP

His short buzz cut, his amber eyes, the gruffness of his voice reminded her of better times. Nights in his arms, complete bliss and euphoria whenever he rubbed his whiskered jaw against her sensitive skin, knowing how much it thrilled her. Total surrender, she gave him everything as he taught her things she never imagined possible.

Blinking rapidly, she shook away thoughts of the past and frowned at his bleeding body, her hands fisted on her hips. “What happened, Frank? Who shot you? Why come back here?”

Marc handed Frank a bottle of water, and he drank it greedily. “Thanks bud. Guess I landed in the wrong room and not my own, huh?” Marc shrugged, irking Charlie.

Enough already. “For fuck’s sake, catch up later. What are you here? And where is my brother?”

“There’s the feisty girl who I love the most.” Frank’s grin turned into a grimace as Shree checked his wound again.

Charlie hoped his pain was off the charts.

“Save your bullshit and give us some answers,” she groused. “Then get lost back to where you came from. There’s nothing for you here.”

Frank’s gaze pinned her in place. “That’s where you’re wrong, honey. You’re here so that’s where I’ll be. Forever if I have to.”

Shocked, Shree stopped tending to his wound. Even Marc and Gavin stared at Frank, the incredulity identical on their faces.

Words. Silly words she would have fallen for months ago. Her heart leapt a couple beats, pleasure uncurling from within. She drew in a harsh breath and shoved it all away. She crossed her arms over her chest. “You’re demented. My being here has never mattered to you, so it won’t now. So what’s changed?” she steeled herself, mentally preparing for whatever lines of bullshit spewed from his lying lips.

“What’s changed is my getting shot, honey. It changes everything.” He coughed, grimacing. “You’re all I’m going to need.” He coughed again, this time causing him to fall back on the bed.

Charlie clenched her jaw. Frustrating Frank as usual. She may have smiled over the nickname she’d come up with whenever he popped up in her thoughts if things were so serious. “You don’t have me. I want nothing to do with you. You need to go away.”

Oh, very convincing. That’s the way to tell him to piss off.

Charlie wanted to smack the voice right out of her head.


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