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This week’s tease comes from my upcoming Contemporary May/December Erotic Romance, Cover Me.

Here, Leanne has just shared a nice evening with her son’s best friend, Jay, who makes her wish she was at least twenty years younger…

(c)KaceyHammell, 2016

He led her through the door from the bar to hotel lobby. The quiet as they strode through was peaceful. A few guests and resort staff milled around. Leanne loved the cozy atmosphere of the low lighting, large plush couches and chairs, and the smiles on the staff’s faces.

It was the perfect place to hold a wedding.cover-me-evernightpublishing-nov-2016-3drender

“I hope the men you danced with told you how gorgeous you are. That dress is killer on you,” Jay murmured next to her ear.

Leanne’s breath hitched at his words. Stunned, she stared at him, even as he pressed the button for the elevator.

“Are you coming? What floor is your room?”

His voice pulled her from her stupor, and he led her into the elevator, blushing at not realizing he’d even moved. “Oh, thank you. That’s sweet of you. But no, no one mentioned my dress. Sixth floor.”

“They’re idiots,” he complained as he pushed the button for six. “You’re amazing in it.”

Her body heated. Jay’s gaze wandered over her, slow and easy, and lighting with appreciation and—no, she had to be imagining the interest sparking in his eyes. There was no way.

“Don’t be so stunned, Leanne. You’re better looking than any other women.”

She laughed aloud. “You need to get out more and meet new ladies. I’m an old, divorced woman who will retire in the next decade.”

The elevator dinged for her floor, and she exited. After rifling in the side pocket inside her clutch, she withdrew her hotel keycard.

“You’re more than that, Leanne. So much more.” He leaned against the wall, his eyes serious.

“Thank you again. You’ve been so gracious tonight. I can’t thank you enough for it.”

He glanced at her door. “Six-ten. My room is one floor up, right above you. And you’re making tonight sound like a pity date. It wasn’t, I assure you. I’ve loved spending time with you. A lot.”

Hands unsteady, she slid the card into the door access slot. She withdrew it again when the green light blinked, then held the door open with her foot.

“Are we still on for breakfast in the garden tomorrow morning?” he questioned.

It took Leanne a moment to remember mentioning it earlier. As much as she wanted to put distance between them, she equally didn’t want to. “Sounds wonderful. Yes.” She turned and propped the door open with her back. “Meet you in the lobby around eight?”

“I’ll be there.” He smiled, then leaned forward. Leanne sucked in a harsh breath and closed her eyes when his lips brushed a kiss on her cheek. “Good night, gorgeous.” Jay winked, turned, and sauntered down the hall.

Leanne’s heart thudded as she breathed again. The brief smell of men’s cologne and beer filled her senses. Sexy. Attractive. Potent.



A long sigh escaped her as she stepped into her room and flipped the top lock when the door shut. She toed off her offensive pumps and tossed the clutch onto the side table. Confusion and uncertainty swirled through her. Frowning, she entered the bathroom, pulled on the side zipper, then slid out of her dress.

Jay had to be a practiced and skilled player. He was toying with her, nothing more. She hung up her dress, placed it on the hook behind the door, then stood in front of the full-length mirror.

Men Jay’s age didn’t flirt with her. No man had shown interest in a long time, even before her marriage had fallen apart. Viktor had stopped going to bed with her, usually working late most nights.

She checked her reflection. Red stretch marks marred her skin, but she savored the memories of carrying Beau, of experiencing the impeccable joy of being a mother. Her breasts had suffered little over the years. They didn’t sag to her waist, and it pleased her that lifting weights helped them stay high and firm. Her daily routine involved taking care of herself with good food and an exercise regimen she hated but maintained.

Her stomach was plump but far from imperfect. Her girlfriends commented often that she had the body of a thirty-year-old, not someone who was fifty-three. Biased, since they were her BFFs, but they were still honest with her and showered her with compliments to build her confidence.

But tonight, Jay had her self-esteem standing a hundred feet tall, even if he were only lying.

Her friends were fabulous, but coming from a male perspective meant so much more. She wanted to trust him. For tonight, she did.

It had been too damn long since she felt so present, so alive and visible. Viktor had taken so much of her when he’d walked out the door.

Tonight, Jay had given her a bit of that back.


Cover Me Releases December 13th at EvernightPublishing.com

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  2. Compliments are always better from those we’re attracted to. Great tease, Kacey. 🙂

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