Mid Week Tease: “What he wouldn’t give to claim the first taste.” #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! Another week in February gone! Bit the dust. See you again next year! Already 2015 seems to be flying by. And winter doesn’t seem to want to leave yet. The minus 30 temps in my area of Ontario, Canada has been frigid and I wish I could hibernate and not come back out until sometime in May!

Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from GUARDING MIDNIGHT, my just recently contracted book with Evernight Publishing. Release date TBD.

Here is a bit of the UNEDITED version since it hasn’t gone through edits just yet. I hope you enjoy a bit of Gavin. GM is a “Roadhouse meets Burlesque” type feel.  Here, he’s just entered the club where he’ll be protector/bouncer for a while, and notices the talented “Midnight” for the first time…

The music picked up tempo, filling the area with rapid rhythms and a lot of bass.
Rock beats from a single on the last Nickelback album shook the floor. He couldn’t keep from tapping against the bar. His Army regimen played the band’s albums continuously. Hell, they were all Canadian and had to support home-country talent.
A blur of red and black rushing out on stage caught his attention. A woman skulked along at the front of the stage, bending, twirling and angling her hot, sexy bod, and would
comingsoonno-doubt capture every man’s attention when she performed.
Gavin swallowed hard, his eyes peeled to the sexy display in front of him.
Red sports bra and tight spandex shorts barely contained her curvy, tanned body dancing at lightning speed around the stage.
Long, toned legs stretched, her body twirled the pole as if it was made for her. Though she wore barely-there spandex, she didn’t give off a stripper vibe. Her thighs clung to the metal showing off strong muscles. Without moving her legs from the pole, she let go with her hands and planted them firmly on the floor. She moved like a worm as she stayed suspended, the pole between her legs as her arms held her up. Her tight, large breasts were so tempting. His mouth watered.
The woman was skilled and in-tune with her body, and with what she had to offer.
And boy, if she didn’t have a lot to offer.
Her breasts were definitely more than a handful, which was just how he liked them. Small, medium, large, and bountiful…as long as he could stick his dick in between the mounds and fuck them till his load burst all over a woman’s chin, lips, chest, neck, and in her hair. He loved to see his pleasure all over a woman.
His mouth watered because of the seductive goddess on stage.
Her long, dark and wavy hair clung to her face and shoulders, spinning around as much as she did. Bends, kicks, gymnast moves…he was impressed.
A flick of her hair, she turned and glanced back over her shoulder, her hips swaying to the distinct bass. Facing the empty seats, she covered the stage, her movements skilled and quick. He watched, transfixed at the many steps and could only guess at the training this woman needed to have in order to make it look so easy.
As the song ended, she bent at the waist, breathing deep. Her gaze caught on his.
He drew in a deep breath.
Damn, those dark depths laser focused on his, holding him in place. Desire coursed through him, pulling at him to forget his reason for being here and find out more about her.
Beautiful. He loved everything about her gorgeous face. From her high cheek bones to the perfectly shaped lips that looked luscious and tasty from where he sat.
What he wouldn’t give to claim the first taste. Of those lips and anywhere else from head to toe.

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13 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease: “What he wouldn’t give to claim the first taste.” #MWTease

  1. I love the detailing in this scene, the club atmosphere and the way her dancing captured his attention. Fabulous tease and congrats on your upcoming book, Kacey.

    I don’t envy you Canadians, I live in the UK and today we have really warm sunshine for the time of the year. 😀 BTW, how are your cows doing?

    1. Thanks Kai !! It was a great story to write. I felt myself growing a lot while writing it too.

      Our cows are doing all right. Getting huge! But we have a minimal amount of heat in our calving barn, where at this stage of pregnancy (1 mth left), they can go in and our. I was out in the barn ystrdy, feeling their bellies and a lot of movement from the babies! This part is always exciting for me.

    1. Thanks Angelica. Am I the only one that enjoys doing edits you think?? Means the book is well on it’s way to readers, so I’m always eager to do them :o)
      Glad you enjoyed the tease!

    1. Thank you so much Nicola! Your words mean a lot. I’m always second guessing myself with getting the tone and descriptions just right for a scene or how the characters view one another. Glad you enjoyed!!

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