Mid Week Tease: “She was going to hell from lusting after this stranger.” #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing well. And staying warm. The cold snap hasn’t subsided here one bit. It’s become very discouraging to get out of bed!

Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease is another that comes from GUARDING MIDNIGHT, my just recently contracted book with Evernight Publishing. Release date TBD.

Here is a bit of the UNEDITED version since it hasn’t gone through edits just yet.

Shree — aka Midnight — gets her first look at Gavin, her “bodyguard”.

The last forty-five minutes had been a blessing. She’d squeezed a lot of study time in and her workout had been bliss. She chuckled. Most people would think her crazy for enjoying workouts. But if there was no enjoyment in it, then why bother?
It was a mantra she lived by.
Humming, she picked up her pace and tried recalling different medications, temperatures, comingsoonand syringe types in her mind. Deep in study mode, her eyes flew open as a dinging sound filled the room.
She glanced to the right.
Men came in all shapes and sizes with various builds, physiques and widths, and she understood that. But this man, whom she was sure could barely fit through the doorway, was one unlike anything she’d ever seen before.
Tall, at least six-six. Herculean shoulders, biceps that the short sleeves of his white t-shirt had no hope of getting over, and hard thighs were easy to determine even beneath the sweats he wore, which probably got their workout from just carrying this man around every day. Hell even her long arms wouldn’t be able to get around his midsection.
Damn if she didn’t want to try though.
But it was her most favorite feature on a man that captured her attention completely.
His head—bald, tanned…she had a weakness for his kind. To her there was a wildness, a stronger soul to a man who kept things clean and crisp.
His attention zoomed in on her as the door shut behind him.
The amber hue of his eyes reminded her of fine Cognac; clear, luminous and golden like honey.
It was the alcoholic drink she was most partial to. Oh yes, she could get drunk on him for sure. She was going to hell from lusting after this stranger. There was no time in her life for tangling with the opposite sex.
No matter how damn sexy and sinful he is.


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    1. An ex Army man — I won’t tell you whom he’s modeled after … in case anyone has a different image in mind. I don’t like to squash ppl’s image of characters. LOL
      But he’s a man I lust after whenever I see him on the big screen.
      Thanks Doris!

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