#MidWeekTease “You’re the light in the dark side of me, Charlie.” #WIP #MWTease


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This week’s tease comes from a WIP. The second book for my Canadian Muscle Series. It is untitled at the moment, and it’s going well. In book 1 — Guarding Midnight — you met Charlie & Frank, this WIP is their story.

Frank’s been in and out of Charlie’s life for years since GM, and she’s had enough of it. While her heart and mind tell her to let him go, her body (and her heart too though she won’t admit it) can’t resist the man. Frank is quite enthralling, and exasperating, but I’m having so much fun!! He’s really surprised me.

Here’s just  a little bit of an unedited tease with them…

© Kacey Hammell, 2016

“Look, baby, without you in this storm of a life, I’m lost.” His eyes pleaded with her to understand. Charlie gripped the counter hard. Damn him for always making her want WIPthings she couldn’t have. Not the way she wanted anyway.
“I come back here — to you — every time because it’s a helplessness I can’t squelch. You’re the light in the dark side of me, Charlie.”
Snap, crackle, pop. Every crackle in the walls around her heart exploded in her ears. Every coat of cement she’d spent months carefully building threatened to tumble as they weakened.


Where to find Book 1: GUARDING MIDNIGHT…

Evernight Publishing
Amazon – US / Canada / UK
B&N (Nook)
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  1. Woo-hoo! More Canadian Muscle. 🙂 A great tease, and looking forward to more. 🙂

  2. Yeah, but he comes back when it’s convenient for him. He needs to try a little harder to be there for her. Great tease, Kacey.

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