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This week’s tease comes from an **Untitled** WIP, (unedited) and is the sequel to GUARDING MIDNIGHT.  Readers meet FBI agent Frank and Charlie in book 1 of the CDN Muscle series, and their relationship has had many, many ups and downs. Here, he’s returned after a long absence. And Charlie’s life is turned upside down.

© Kacey Hammell, 2016

“Come on in. No danger. Just an asshole who decided to crash my place.”

Charlie followed Shree up the stairs and in to Marc’s apartment. The dark furniture always saddened her. she thought there should be lighter colors in such a small room but Marc refused to let her do a makeover. His bedroom area was closed off behind another dark fabric, but she didn’t see anyone else in the room. She couldn’t help noticing the sink full of dishes in the kitchenette in the corner. Her friend really needed a woman in his life. The thought came and went quickly considering he pined for one woman and she wasn’t ready for any relationship with a man.

“Sorry for spooking ya. I tried your phone,” Marc nodded at Gavin.

“I left it in the car since we’re leaving soon. What’s going on?”

Marc eyes Charlie, pity clear on his face. “Sorry, kiddo,” he reached out to the curtain hiding his bed, and pulled it back.

“Fuck me,” Gavin’s voice boomed around the work-in-progressroom.

Charlie stumbled, her back hitting the wall. She righted herself, breathing fast, staring at the figure on the bed.

What the hell was he doing here?

She’d assumed he was still off fighting bad guys somewhere when Shree told her they’d never received an RSVP from him. Though, a man like him would probably never reply in such a fanciful way. And she didn’t want to admit that she’d been coyly watching the door all day to see if he’d just show up. With him like this now, pale, blood covering his white dress tshirt, wasn’t how she’d imagined seeing him again.

“He’s been shot. Clear, through and through. Wrecked stitches from what I can see.” Marc’s voice sounded like a whisper to her ears since the throbbing in her head grew louder with each passing second. Her body was numb, nothing seemed real. Everyone’s breathing even echoed around her.

“Shot?” Gavin stepped closer, and leaned over the bed, then opened one side of the shirt.

Charlie caught her breath at the sight of the bloody bandage across his side.

“Are you okay, Charlie?” Shree’s arms came around her shoulder.

Charlie nodded, her mind on the conversation between the men.

“Maybe a couple days old would. He shouldn’t be traveling like this. Fucker’s bleeding all over my bed, was out cold like this when I came in. Haven’t been able to wake his sorry ass.”

The whirring sounds filled Charlie’s head, like a fan on high. Just whir, whir, whir, spinning and not cooling her down. Her skin sweated. Palms wet, she wiped them on the wall she leaned against.

This – him, here, blood – it shouldn’t be happening.


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  1. Suspense! What is going to happen next? how did he get there? So many questions!!

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