Mid Week Tease: “…straight up or dirty?” #MWTease

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This week’s tease comes a story I am finished and just polishing up. It’s connected to DARE, and is Candy’s story. Once I’m done all the fixing up I can, I’ll be submitting it, thinking the end of this week.

Candy has just hit town, and met the local bartender who…well let’s just say, she’s not used to men like him …

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
His husky tone pulled her from her thoughts.
She let out a light laugh. “Sorry. Daydreaming. Yes please. And…” Gulping down the last drops of her drink, she slid it across toward him. “Don’t call me ma’am. I’m not that old.”
He shrugged and nodded when the man a couple seats over, tipped his empty glass toward the bartender. Grabbing up an empty glass, the bartender pulled on the tap and filled it with beer. Candy shuddered. She hated beer. The saying “beer tastes like horse piss” ran through her mind making her chuckle. She’d never tasted horse piss but she supposed it was as good of a description as any. Who’d ever had the guts to try the animal urine must have been out of their mind.WIP
“You’re a woman. It’s polite to use ma’am if I don’t know your name,” the bartender commented and set the beer down in front of his customer. Grabbing her glass, he rinsed it and set it in front of him.
“Did my brother make it straight up or dirty?”
“Pardon me?” The word dirty coming from his lips was like a jalapeno pepper in her mouth…hot, powerful, and rich.
“Your daiquiri. Drew and I don’t always make drinks the same. Wondered how he made yours. I tend to make them dirtier than he does.”
Ice water is what she needed, not another aggressive alcoholic beverage. There was no way in hell she could resist.
“His tasted straight up I guess. Why don’t you make mine as dirty as you’d like?” Brow arching, she grinned. His delectable lips twitched, and he started mixing.
“Are there some secret ingredients in there I should know about?”
His tanned hands moved fast, lifting this bottle and that, adding a couple green leaves, and shaking some red powder into a blender. The strawberries were added last.
Impressive. She’d never witnessed a place that used fresh ingredients like this.
“I never share my secrets,” he winked.
Spectacular. He was even better looking playful and enjoying his work.
“How long have you been working here? You seem pretty great at your job.” To her own ears it sounded like an asinine compliment, but she was trying to make conversation. Anything to spend more time with him.
“About thirty-some years. Been working here since my stepdad owned it.”
Ahh, right. The stepdad. She knew about the connection. Now wasn’t the time to get into that.
“I’ll warn you though, darlin’,” After emptying the contents of the blender into her glass, he set it down in front of her and leaned against it on his elbows. “It is pretty potent. Spicy and might make the hair on your arms stand up. But it’s satisfying and very pleasurable.”
She’d bet a lot of money that many things he did would be pleasurable and satisfying.
Lifting the glass, she stared at him and took a healthy sip.
Hmm, potent and very warm. Minty and…was that cinnamon she tasted among the many strawberries? And perhaps a faint taste of ginger? What a glorious and refreshing version of a simple daiquiri.
“Wow,” she took another sip. Then another.
“You like?” He leaned in closer, his light yellow eyes twinkling.
“Definitely. I like it very much.” Candy inched forward. “So delicious. The tongue started tingling, then the burst of all those flavors exploded.
“Right in my mouth,” As she whispered the last part, he narrowed his eyes, then grinned. “I aim to please.” With that, he nodded to a customer at the other end of the bar. He stopped at the end counter beneath the long lines of bottles and hauled out a large bag.
Men didn’t walk away from her often. She fought the urge to take her compact from her purse and check herself over.


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