Mid Week Tease: “Ghost Fulfills Every Fantasy.” #AGhostforChristmas #MWTease

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Jodie received a wonderful gift from her friend, Portia for Christmas. Time away in swank hotel in Niagara Falls. Jodie never expected her trip to take such an exciting turn…

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
She walked through the suite to the first door on the left. It looked like a den or small office.
Striking blue and silver colors filled the room, giving it a masculine feel. A large, possibly Victorian, antique writing desk sat in the corner, complete with pen and quill. Jodie walked A Ghost For Christmascloser and ran her hand over the fine, dark finish. Beautiful, intricate and ornate designs were carved on the solid hardwood. Eighteenth century black armchairs sat in front of the desk and in corners.
The plush room invited and pulled her in. Jodie turned, her gaze drawn to the framed newspaper clippings hanging on the walls. Curious, she moved closer.
Woman Meets the Ghost of her Dreams In Hotel.
What the heck? Jodie peered intently at the picture taken of this very building. She looked at the second frame. Ghost Fulfills Every Fantasy. Again, the Castillo Hotel was featured in the article.
She ran her gaze swiftly over each of the wall hangings and noted at least a dozen headlines mentioning the ghost. Women came to this hotel and found a night full of passion, realized fantasies, and left with memories they’d carry forever.
A chill ran down her spine. Looking back at each one, she read the small caption at the bottom. She gasped as she noted each ghostly sighting was in Suite 3023.
My room!

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Mid Week Tease: “…she thought of the Yellow Eyed Demon in Supernatural…” #MWTease #MustangMaddy #99c

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Leaving off from last week’s tease, the sunscreen has protected Maddy’s skin, and she’s finishing up in her garden, eager to see Grey a bit later…

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
Weeds should be illegal. For the last two years, she’d planted carrots, lettuce and cucumbers in her small garden to the right of her house and each year, the weeds grew out of control if she didn’t tend to it weekly. And in the high humidity taking over Belleville lately, she hated having to deal with the nemesis. It was just too bloody hot.
She loved her small townhouse on Simcoe Drive. A gift from her parents when they moved to Westlake to be near the water, she enjoyed putting her own touches on making it a home she loved coming home to every night.
And to see Grey nearly every day… Knowing he was next door made her happy. They’d shared meals, lengthy discussions about everything from life to love and how much they both loved their jobs. Their common obsession over muscle cars was an added bonus. Many nights out back on one of their decks were spent discussing classic cars, derbys, and metal and chrome.Cover_Mustang-Maddy
Grabbing another offending pile of green, she pulled it free. How many carrots would she get this year? She hoped to fill as much of her freezer with as many bags as possible. A loud crashing bang broke through her thoughts.
Leaping to her feet, she yanked off her gloves and dropped them, then swung around to face the left of her street, her paramedic training taking over. Alert, she focused on her surroundings. Seeing nothing and no one in distress, she glanced to the right.
“Son of a fucking bitch!” The loud cuss carried across the lawn.
Breaking into a run, she skirted around the end of the fence and up into Grey’s driveway.
“Grey? Are you all right?” she called, rushing through the small doorway of his garage. Closing it behind her, her vision assimilated to coming in out of the sunlight, and focused on the surroundings in the room. Hearing a grunt from the back corner, she darted in that direction.
“Over here. Dammit. I’m a klutz.”
She found him lying on his back, holding his side with the ladder beside him and a broken light bulb further away on his other side. It didn’t take a genius to figure out he’d been changing the bulb and fell on his ass.
Maddy kneeled in front of him. “Where’s does it hurt the most?”
He shifted, wincing, and waved her away. “I’ll be fine. Probably just a bruise.” He yanked a piece of cardboard off the second shelf of the bench and tossed it over the broken glass.
She grabbed his arm to stop his movements. If he was injured worse than he thought, he could do more harm than good. “Sit still and tell me. Better safe than sorry.”
His hazel eyes met hers. Damn if her insides didn’t quiver. The golden embers were surrounded by a wide black circle. Sometimes, when he looked at her, she thought of the Yellow Eyed Demon in Supernatural. She was addicted to that TV show and had always been fascinated with the yellow contacts the bad guy wore.
Not the time. Ridiculous time to think about that.
She shifted closer and pushed all other thoughts from her mind except helping a friend. A mighty sexy friend, but she was a professional. His tanned skin and muscular physique wouldn’t sway her. His lean body made her mouth water. He was her patient and could be seriously hurt. She should be ashamed of herself for ogling him when he was down.
“Just landed on my elbow. And the damn ladder scraped my rib. Really, Mads, I’ll be fine.” He pushed away from her and shifted into a better sitting position against the workbench behind him.
“Right. And the bleeding is just for fun? I need to investigate to see if you need stitches, and want to be sure nothing is broken. Take the shirt off, Grey.”
Nice job, get him naked.
Maddy held back an eye roll. Grey would suffer worse agony later if his ribs were broken and unattended. This wasn’t the time to undress him.

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Mid Week Tease: “She wanted to stretch like a kitten getting massaged…” #MWTease #69Mustang #99c

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© Kacey Hammell, 2015
“Hey, Mads, lookin’ good this morning.”
Maddy Evans raised her head, surprised by the voice above her. As she glanced up into the gorgeous face of her friend and neighbor of the last year, staring down at her over the fence that bordered their properties, a grin crossed her lips. The most handsome man she knew, Grey Burkhardt’s good looks never failed to stun her. She’d tiptoed around him this past year, scared of the heat between them, but she enjoyed their flirting and was in no hurry to end it.
He looked mighty fine today, too, dressed in a black tank top and red athletic shorts. She liked his short, dark military cut. It gave her the opportunity to see his enticing and rugged features and inviting eyes without any hindrance.
“Thank you, the carrots and cucumbers are coming along nice. I wish the lettuce was doing better, but this heat with no rain isn’t healthy for them. No amount of watering seems to help them out.” She wiped her brow carefully, mindful of the dirt coating her gloves.
Grey grinned and adjusted the ladder he carried. “So sorry to hear the sad fate of the lettuce. However, I wasn’t complimenting the greens in your garden.” He raked his gaze over her where she knelt on the lawn.
Damn, she forgot she’d wanted to work on her tan today, and had only dressed in a lime-green bikini top and black jean shorts. The lusty warmth in his eyes pleased her. She sat straight. “A girl has to take the time to work on her tan you know.”
He leaned the ladder against the fence then laid his forearms along the top. “I agree, but I
hope you’ve put some screen on that delectable skin in the last hour.”
Embarrassed, heat swept into her cheeks. Damn it, she hadn’t.
“I didn’t think so.” He turned and strode the fence line and onto her side.
“It’s okay, Grey, I can do it.” She grabbed the bottle of SPF 60 from among the small shovels and rakes in her gardener’s basket. After wiping the bottle off with a cloth, she lifted the lid.
Grey dropped on his knees behind her. “Nonsense. What kind of neighbor would I be if I didn’t help out? And you’re baking in this sun, babe. You should take a break after I apply this, and come out when the sun goes down later.”
Maddy rolled her eyes. He was a computer geek who liked to mess around overhauling old cars and motorcycles. While she appreciated the work he did with the vehicles, and the physique he couldn’t hide under dress shirts and pants he wore to work, she hated being scolded. After all, who was the paramedic here? “I have a lot of weeding to do still. And I plan to watch the Jays game later.”
He poured the white lotion into his palm and chuckled. “You never cease to amaze me. A woman after my own heart. That you love dirt, sports and hot rods makes my heart skip a beat.”
Her own thudded hard. Damn, she didn’t know if she’d ever get used to his honesty. He’d complimented her a lot since they’d met and became friends. Always easy with sweet words and thrilling flirtations. She basked in the glory of seeming beautiful and special under a man’s watchful gaze. Not a lot of men appreciated her the way Grey did. He really listened to her when she talked and the attention he constantly showed her filled her with confidence.
The cold touch of sunscreen across her shoulders startled her and pulled her from her thoughts. She hissed out a breath.
“Your skin is burning,” Grey murmured near her left ear. Tsking, he poured more into his palm then spread it over her.
The chill of the lotion as he smoothed it into her skin did little to cool her down. Not with the scalding heat of his hands gliding over her, along her sides and down to the waistband of her shorts. Her skin tingled warmed. She wanted to stretch like a kitten getting massaged by its favorite owner. She fisted her hands in her lap, dropping her head forward as he applied the cream to the back of her neck.
“You’re a little tense back here.” Grey commented, his voice rough but gentle near her ear.
“Mmm,” she couldn’t gather anything else comprehensive to say. Mindless to his attention, she wanted to sit like this for hours and let him pamper her. Of course, if she remained under his masterful fingers, she’d need a cold shower. Her body tingled, his touch twisting around every nerve inside her, each one sparking hot.
“I think that should do it. You’re protected from the sun for about an hour at least.”
Despite his words, Grey’s touch never disappeared. He glided his fingers along her arms, then over her shoulders and back, down to her hips.
Lord have mercy. Heart thudding, Maddy glanced at him over her right shoulder. “Thanks for taking care of me.”
His gaze locked on hers. Desire, power and heat stared back at her. No one ever looked at her like that. She shuddered. Should she consider her ego a bit out of whack if she thought he stared at her as if she were the only woman in the world? As if he wanted to eat her alive?
Drawing in a deep breath, she tried to focus on pulling more weeds while her thoughts drifted.

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Mid Week Tease: “I’ll show you just how good I can be.” #MWTease #69Mustang #Free

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I recently received a new review from a reader for 69 Mustang, which brought it to the forefront of my mind, (and the urge to work on another hot quickie mustang driven story), once done about a dozen other outlined stories LOL
In the meantime, here’s a snippet from 69 Mustang, and Hayley’s breathlessness trying to resist her hot BFF, Rory.

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
He laughed and winked. “You’d have to be a very, very good girl.”
I’ll show you just how good I can be. Hayley pushed the thought away. For weeks she’d been having the same dream over and over.
The erotic fantasies starring herself and Rory had left her breathless every time she woke, sweating and panting. It was all she thought about anymore. Images of the two of them having hot, sweaty sex—anywhere and everywhere—consumed her day and night. She trembled, flashes of heat zinging along her spine. Heart racing, she drew in a deep breath.
He captivated her in so many new ways these days. His kindness had always been there, but lately, she’d smile if mentioned helping an elderly lady get her groceries to the car. And the way he talked about himself, she got upset and angry. He complained about being a ginger, especially in the summer when he burned easily, but she loved his unique looks. Kind of geeky and studious mixed with sexiness and cute buoyancy he didn’t realize he possessed. She disliked hearing him put himself down.
How were any of her new reactions possible? They’d been best friends forever, and had shared all their secrets with one another.
Maybe the intense and potent way he looked at her now. At times when she’d glance at him, she’d catch darkness and smoldering heat in his eyes that made it difficult to breathe. Was it because she’d slimmed down over the last eight or nine months. She didn’t want to think about him like that, knew deep down that he wasn’t that shallow. But he had been giving her the eye lately, passion-filled stolen glances. Since then, the air around them had shifted.
He hadn’t hidden his reaction to her tonight when he’d picked her up for his parents’ anniversary party either. Rory’s normally soft hazel eyes had turned a golden rich hue, and when she walked out of her bedroom, he’d let his gaze roam over her body. She knew she looked great in the bright blue satin, off-one-shoulder, mid-thigh gown that really made the azure in her eyes pop. Perhaps he agreed. His breath had hitched, his hands shook as he’d helped her with her shrug. His touch had lingered on her shoulders longer than needed. The warmth from his palms scalded against her already hot skin. He’d stood inches behind her, smoothing his hands down her back, and electricity tingled through her body, filling her with sudden fervor and desperation to feel his embrace. And make some of those naughty dreams she’d been having come true.
“You’ll be what, thirty-seven in a couple months, Hales? Maybe we should plan a cruise or something awesome for your fortieth? You’d look amazing in a skimpy bikini you know. Maybe a nude beach?”
The sound of Rory’s voice pulled her from her thoughts. She gulped and cleared her dry throat. “Um, yeah. Sure.” The air in the vehicle was nearly smothering.

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Mid Week Tease: “She knew just the P.I. to spend the night with.” #MWTease #Dare


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Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from DARE. Olivia’s friends have officially given her a birthday present that she cannot turn down…

“Olivia, come on,” Jessica implored. “We’re not going to dare you to do anything that will totally upset you. We just want you to find a man for the evening—for tonight—and have a bit of fun. You never just kick up your heels and let loose.”

“A night of fun? Tonight! You mean for me to do the dare tonight? Come on, where am I going to find a guy to hang out with all night?”

Contemp Erotic Romance

Her friends, though she wouldn’t call them that at the moment, gazed around the bar. Olivia shook her head. “No. Absolutely not. I am not picking up a guy in this place. I don’t see one guy I know or have seen before.”

“Chicken,” Holly grumbled, loud enough for Olivia to hear.

Olivia turned her head and shot daggers Holly’s way. “Shut up.”

“The official dare, Holly, if you please,” Candy piped up.

“No. Wait.”

“Olivia must find a man—of her own choosing—and spend all night with him. Just the two of them, and she must not leave his presence before eight tomorrow morning.”

Olivia dropped her head into her hands, wanting to scream. She was so tired. She didn’t want to have to find a man tonight.

She raised her head and opened her eyes. They landed on a man across the bar she hadn’t noticed earlier. That she hadn’t spotted him earlier surprised her. He was a hard man to miss.

Darren Shalvis. The P.I. her office used from time to time. From afar, she admired his short, dark, curly hair, styled a little like the hottie from CSI: Miami, Eric something. Darren had a toned, lean body, muscles in all the right places, six-pack abs, and was rarely seen out of the worn, military-style twill jacket.

Some days, she found herself eager for Darren to come into the office, more than she should have. The men she usually liked and dated were desk-types. Three piece suits, briefcases and Blackberrys attached to their hand.

Darren didn’t have any of those qualities. He was a man’s man. Women gawked when he walked into a room, eyes drawn to him like beacons on a landing strip. Olivia’s included.

Christina Aguilera’s Ain’t No Other Man pulsed through the club. The music vibrated over the floor, through the wooden chair and into her body. Her nipples tightened and her pussy clenched as he caught sight of her from his spot at the end of the bar. He raised his glass in acknowledgement.

Olivia gave him a small smile then turned back to her friends. She tried to ignore the beat of the bass moving through her. The words made her think of Darren in a room alone with her and no other man in sight.

“I really can’t believe you guys,” Olivia mumbled.

Finished with her drink, Holly laid her hand on Olivia’s shoulder. “It’s nearing ten o’clock. You best start scoping the place out.”

Olivia shrugged her off, unimpressed with any of them. She stood, jerked a few bills from her pocket, then threw them on the table. Resigned to what she had to do, she needed to make a pit stop before moving forward.

Perhaps if she snuck out the back…

“And no slipping away, Olivia,” Holly said, as if reading her mind. “This is ironclad. We made a pact years ago—”

“Yes, I know, dammit. We all agreed we’d never turn down a dare. Even drew blood to seal the deal. Jesus,” Olivia sighed. “I give up. You three got me, I’ll finish it. But look…” She eyed each of them in turn. “I have my cell. Should I need any of you, at any time, you answer the damn phone. Don’t ask any questions and just do whatever I ask. Got it?”

They all nodded. “Good. Now, I have to hit the ladies’ room, then get on with it.” Olivia muttered.

“Go get ‘em,” Candy called as she walked away.

Olivia squeezed past the endless bodies as she moved through the bar.

Once enclosed in the washroom, she stared in the mirror. She fluffed her hair, then yanked out the lipstick from her pocket. Pausing before she added the pink shine to her lips, she leaned against the counter.

A long, deep breath quelled the urge to scream in rage. Her friends were the best women she knew but when they ganged up on someone, that person was a goner.

Olivia never thought they’d pull something like this on her. Make her find a man.

She smiled as she came to a sudden realization.

Though good, they didn’t realize they weren’t too specific in their dare.

“Olivia must find a man—of her own choosing—and spend the night with him. Just the two of them and she cannot leave his presence before eight a.m. tomorrow morning.”

Oh yes, she’d find a man all right—one who was not a stranger—and would request to spend the night with him, as a favor. What the two of them did, however, the girls hadn’t specified. They could do whatever Olivia wanted, as innocently as she wanted.

Smug now that she’d figured it out and outsmarted her dear friends, she headed for the door.

She knew just the P.I. to spend the night with.

Where to find DARE…

Evernight Publishing
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Mid Week Tease: “Is that an invitation?” #CommonGrounds #ERom @SJMaylee #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from one of my favorite reads so far this year. SJ Maylee’s short story, Common Grounds is ALL kinds of GOODNESS. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated coffee and baked goods so much in my life. *g*


Common Grounds
A Destiny Romance
by S.J. Maylee

Available on Amazon for 0.99 or Kindle Unlimited ~ http://amzn.to/1KUf8WL



“Mark! I was hoping you’d make it.” Sam crossed the room and barrel-hugged him.

“Sorry I’m late. I went to the club first.” He caught Kate’s gaze from across the room. The man looked more delicious than she remembered. His V-neck shirt hugged his upper body in a way that made her envious.

“Well, you’re here now, buddy. Come on in. Kate has a spread for us. You can take your pick.”

She coughed to hide her gasp and made her way out to the back patio. The evening had yet to cool, but she still shivered. Hiding was not how she intended to handle things. Facing him now after thinking about him all day wasn’t an option either.

Common Grounds by S.J. Maylee - cover 298x450The small wooden platform was normally her oasis except the muffled sounds of the party inside wouldn’t let her forget where she was. Their corner lot didn’t offer them privacy but they couldn’t argue with the location. They were in the center of everything. She turned around and found the cause of her troubles coming outside. Her gaze shot to ten different places, anywhere but him.

“Just the woman I was looking for.” He closed the door behind him and then crossed the deck in an easy stride.

“Excuse me.” She stepped to get around him. A quiver rolled through her belly. “I was just going back inside.”

“I’ve been searching for you all night.” He blocked her path. “I’d hoped to find you at the club tonight.”

“Why?” He probably wanted a repeat performance. Her thoughts filled with all the naughty things he could do if he came closer. She shook her head. No way was she letting this guy near her again. Falling fast and getting her heart stomped was not on her to-do list.

“I wanted to apologize.” The low tone of his voice sank deep into her senses.

“That’s unnecessary. Not everyone can make a good cup of coffee.” She gazed into his deep blue eyes. Her pussy warmed at the sight of him. She shuffled back until she reached the railing, needing to keep her thoughts clear and her heart away from becoming easy pickings.

“What?” He stepped in next to her, clearly not deterred.

“I hope you have other skills because I don’t think you have a future in coffee.” She grabbed hold of the patio ledge. The lie sounded catty, but she hoped it would do the trick and cement a wall between them.

“I see.” He looked her up and down. “You’re one of those girls.”

She flipped her hair over her shoulder. “If you mean smart enough to stay away from players like you, then yes, I am one of those girls.” She put her hands on her hips.

He removed all the space between them. His thigh brushed hers. “Well, I tried one of your croissants today.”

“And?” She sucked on her bottom lip and pressed out her breasts.

“It was okay.” He leaned over her. His lips were within reach.

“What? That’s ludicrous. My baking is far from just okay.” She took a step forward, intending to put distance between them. He didn’t let her get away. When her body met his warm strength, she melted and moaned from somewhere deep within.

“I’ll tell you what’s ludicrous.” He grabbed her ass. “All the effort it’s taking you to deny what you feel when you see me.” The tone of his voice chipped away at the last of her reserve.

“That’s crap.” She pushed on his chest and got nowhere. “You didn’t even want to talk to me at your coffee house.”

“That’s not true. It doesn’t count if you didn’t want to be recognized.” He tapped the end of her nose.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” She swatted at his hand.

“I have an idea.”

“I can hardly wait to hear it.” She grabbed the ledge on either side of her.

“How about you leave all the fancy baking behind and stick with something simple, like a donut?”

“Is that so?”

“It is. You disagree?” He brought his lips close to hers.

“Donuts require finesse, actually. A trait I manage skillfully. I’ll tell you what.” She licked her lips. “I’ll make you one of my cronuts. Do you even know what that is?” She couldn’t remember ever letting a guy get her this worked up. Just the thought of him standing in her kitchen had goosebumps dancing up her back.

“I do. It’s some kind of croissant-doughnut.” He inched closer, removing all the space between them.

“It’s fried decadence that will blow your mind.” The heat building inside cracked through her barriers. She raised her leg and pressed her pussy along his hard cock.

“Is that an invitation?” He took a deep breath and rocked against her.

“To eat? Absolutely.” She licked her bottom lip.


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Mid Week Tease: “You can’t have sex with anyone else.” #MWTease #SweetestSalvation #ClubSplendor

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from SWEETEST SALVATION.

Andy lost her son and husband in a few months time. She aches with guilt and despair. All she wants is to forget for a little while, and to feel great pain with the pleasure she knows she will find at Club Splendor. It’s what she deserves after all … so she thinks.

But her husbands best friend, the man she’s only tolerated for years, forbids her from frequenting the club any longer. And if she won’t listen to him, well he has a plan of his own ….

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
“You have no say in the matter. I make my own decisions.”
“You don’t need men sweating all over you! Putting you in positions you aren’t used to and dominating you. Some places don’t have the same guidelines and rules mine does. You could seriously find yourself in a lot of pain at the hands of people who don’t care for anything other than their own needs.”
“That’s just fine by me. I want to feel the pain along with the pleasure. The more pain, the better I can stand someone else touching me. If I can’t have the family I love back, then I don’t need to feel any kind of pleasure beyond getting fucked. And I don’t need, nor do I want, the singles scene. There will never be another man in my life like that. Without SweetestSalvationPatrick, there is no soul mate for me.”
Hunter’s fists clenched. He couldn’t allow another man to touch her. There was no way he could live with it.
“Stay away from any of those clubs, Andy. I mean it.”
Her eyes shot fire at him. She shook her head and gave his shoulder a shove. “Knock it off. If you won’t let me into your club, it’s your problem. Yes, there I feel safe, I know most of the staff and that you’d never allow anyone to get out of hand. But if you stand in my way, I’ll go elsewhere. Simple as that.” She sounded smug, certain she had the upper hand.
His body shook with rage. And fear. To think of her at another club with sleazy men who would tie her up or sweat all over her… It made him ill just thinking about it. She could be seriously hurt. Or worse.
An idea formed in his mind. “So all you want is access to my club and anyone who is willing to join you for sex and a bit of pain? Is that all?” Hunter demanded.
He was crazy to even consider such a plan, but he couldn’t allow her out there on her own. Christ, she’d end up even more broken than she was now.
“I want a lot of pain and a lot of fucking, yes.” She smiled at him, unaware she prodded the beast within him. Damn her for handling her sorrow like this.
“All right. You can have access to the club. I’ll inform the staff of the change,” Hunter stated, grinning. “No problem, sweetheart.”
Andy’s eyes widened. “I’m surprised you’re agreeing with this. What changed your mind?”
“You did, actually. If this is the only way you’ll try to move forward, I’ll help anyway I can.” Hunter stepped closer until mere inches separated them.
Andy tried to take a step back, but she was too close to the loveseat and could go no farther.
“Wait a minute, Hunter,” she ordered, her gaze narrowed on him, obviously suspicious. “What’s the catch?”
“Catch? There’s really no catch. It’s my club, I say who comes and goes.”
“I know you do, but…” Andy shifted her feet. He could see her mind working and felt the tension radiate off her body. She looked like a caged animal standing before him desperate to escape.
“You were pretty determined to keep me out of the club. I find it odd that you agree with my fucking other men so fast.”
Hunter wasn’t used to Andy speaking in such a manner. Even at the club, she’d always held herself regal and showed her desires when she found something she liked. But he’d never heard her talk so crude and dirty. He had to admit, he quite liked it.
“Oh, I never agreed to you fucking other men, Andy. Not at all.”
She frowned. “But I can frequent the club, right?”
“Of course you can.” He clasped her hands in his. “But you can’t have sex with anyone else.”
“You’re forbidding me to interact with people?” she demanded, shocked.
“Not at all. I merely said you couldn’t fuck other people. You’ll just only do so with whomever I choose.”
“You’re going to choose whom I have sex with! I don’t think so, buster.” Andy tried to shift away, but he held fast.
“Yes, sweetheart, I will choose. But it’s an easy decision for me, so don’t worry.”
She stopped struggling. Her gaze roamed his face, looking for what he wasn’t sure. “I still don’t understand.”
“It’s simple really,” he replied, satisfied with his plan. “You can use the club. You’re welcome to sit and watch whatever people you wish, but you cannot fuck anyone.”
She gasped and her cheeks flushed. “No one? Look, Hunt—”
“No one,” He lifted his left hand and tapped the edge of her nose with his index finger. “But me.”
Andy fell back against the back of the loveseat, shock written all over her face.
Satisfaction filled Hunter that he’d left her speechless.

More info about Sweetest Salvation

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